photo by Anthony 'Thosh' Collins

Ashley Callingbull and Thosh Collins Present 'Reappropriation'


The photos below come to us from L.A.-based fashion photographer Anthony "Thosh" Collins -- it's a project called "Reappropriation," which he describes as "a more accurate depiction of appropriation while paying tribute to previous generations who've passed down culture to our generation, all with a modern but vintage twist." Urban Native Girl Lisa Charleyboy describes it as Callingbull "[digging] in her closet to showcase her authentic Native fashion and present it in a good way honoring her family, her nation and all Native people across Turtle Island (North America)," which sounds about right.

Ashley's hair was done by her sister Mariah Callingbull, and the makeup artist for this shoot was Chevi Rabbit.

By the way, Ashley Callingbull is in the running for Miss Universe Canada -- you can vote for her in the People's Choice contest at

"Vintage 1960s western dress shirt and cowboy hat with eagle feather my Mossum (Grandfather) used to wear while dancing traditional pow wow. Black vest circa 1952 made by my great great Auntie Helen. Beadwork on cuff made from elders passed on through the family. Blanket by Pendleton."

"The beadwork cuff was made by elders and passed on through my family. The beadwork moccasins I wear are 20 years old and were made by a Stoney woman."

"60-year-old moose hide vest that belongs to my Mossum. He wore this while dancing traditional pow wow."

"A 15-year-old cowboy hat belonging to my Mossum and a vintage jean jacket from the '80s with my deer hide drum given to me by my Mossum."

"My red fringe shawl was made by my Great Great Grandmother and was passed down to me through my family."

"The Cree beadwork on the belt was designed by my uncle 20 years ago. Modern cowgirl boots."

"15-year-old cowboy hat from my Mossum with a vintage western long jean jacket circa 1980s."

"Black dress is traditional and was made by my Kokum Sally. It's used for tea dances, rounddances, and other traditional events."

"Turquoise necklace was passed down to me through my family."

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???...i guess im still just an old 'back to the blanket' choctaw...this layout just doesnt 'do it' for me....