Navajo YES
Some Chilchinbeto riders with Navajo YES Director Tom Riggenbach at Red Valley; Riggenbach ran the Boston Marathon yesterday, and is reported safe. Navajo YES is a Navajo nonprofit for Dine' youth.

Reports: Navajo Runners at Boston Marathon Are Safe


Reports from Facebook and The Navajo Post are indicating that several runners from Navajo Nation who were entered in yesterday's Boston Marathon are safe. (For details on the terrorist attack in Boston yesterday, read Boston Attacked: Three Dead, 144 Injured After Explosions at Marathon).

The Navajo Nation marathon runners reported safe and well are:

Thomas Hatathli (Bib 8669, Tuba City); 

Tom Riggenbach (Bib 7435, Teec Nos Pos);  

and Lisa Loughran (Bib 16429, Tuba City) are all reported to be safe.

For further info on these runners from the offical Boston Marathon website, click here and search by bib number.

Updates to follow as further details come in.

ICTMN earlier reported that Emma Cameron, an Aboriginal runner from Australia, is also safe. Read more: Aboriginal Runner Emma Cameron Safe in Boston.

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