Marty Two Bulls, 'Still Saving Veronica'

Marty Two Bulls

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Amy Wade
Amy Wade
ICWA is designed to protect the American Indian Family as a whole. I have experienced this. Under ICWA the rules to remove, reunite and maintain a native family are vastly different that what the regular cps rules are. The law is fitted to our culture. My children were ripped from us out of pure hatefulness. False allegations ran amook and noone cared about the truth. It took 6 long years for the state of oklahoma to be forced to acknowledge my children and I had special rights that had been ignored intentionally by the state. ICWA and my tribe saved my family. My kids were severly abused by the home they had been placed in by cps. They refuse to acknowledge the damage they done. If I had to tell my story from start to finish you would not believe it. Native children are returned home to parents only to be yanked away again for reasons they should not have been. The state holds parents hostage. It's either this or we take them. Under ICWA they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that immediate mental and physical harm will happen to the child. In almost every case involving native children ICWA is violated by the state at the very beginning. Nobody realizes that ICWA's stipulations are not to be the same as our cps or what everyone calls white government. The standards are different. Cps applies their own standards which are usually their own personal standards and those standards are not valid under ICWA. They have to use judgements based on our culture. Also under ICWA they are to provide services to the family that help educate them and help them learn to utilize education, job finding, household management, parental skills etc. Cps is known for not applying this rule. That is what tribal casa and tribal family preservation is for. Under ICWA they cannot simply tell u as a parent what you need to do. They have to lead you to the resources and make sure you understand and are learning and utilizing the services. The state fights ICWA every chance it gets because it does not like to be told by anybody what they can and cannot do. I saw a comment earlier about how ICWA traumatized children by bouncing them around. Cps bounces these kids not ICWA. ICWA is a federal ment to protect the native american family. It cannot bounce a child around. It can however be ignored, misconstrued, manipulated and I do not see any tribes doing this. I see the states child welfare systems and the justice systems doing it. Under ICWA the phrase"In the best interest of the child" is not a valid point. A social worker in Oklahoma has immunity from prosecution. The will and do apply whatever they damned well please to that phrase. They violate their own policy. and as far as little veronica is concerned..The fault lies with the justice system of the state who removed her and illegally adopted her out or the agency that did. If the state had of done their jobs, followed the law and veronica were to be available for adoption after all this she would still be with the white parents. Because they did not follow federal law, and the parents and agency lied and hid information veronica was returned to her rightful father. If you follow the rules you end up not paying a big price. Our kids are removed illegally, bounced around like balls, no matter the ethnicity of the foster home, abused, neglected, mistreated because they bring in a paycheck and then left without. I was a foster child. Cps was forced to apologize to my father for the false allegations 3 yrs later. I was bounced around, my sister was molested, I was a paycheck nothing more. I find it really odd the same social workers who did this to my parents came after me and mine 10 yrs later. My family are doing wonderful. We are whole and happy and ICWA did that for us. It worked because a tribe fought for their brethren and they employed someone who knew the appropriate applications of this law. We am a success story for ICWA. We am proud to be so.
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I am nearing my 60th birthday and I am the product of adoption to the white community. My feelings on this are many. First and foremost is the loss of culture and the intense feelings of not belonging. There is definitely something so much greater than ourselves that requires us to be connected so we can move forward as a whole spirit and a person who has the solid foundation to face the world. Throughout my life I self medicated myself until my mid 30's when I finally stepped up to the plate and faced my issues. I am lucky that the Creator still believed in me enough to have faith my imperfections were worth healing- The change began when the research into my heritage began. It was a long hard road....but, worth every stumble along the way. But, my regrets are involving the feeling of never completely fitting in with the nation I belong to. Many years ago a Indian woman in Arizona told me, "You know...they can never take way the Indian in you!" She was right in some respects-but, what many take for granted I still reach for. And that is connection! There is little hope for another culture to give us what we needed at a young age. Eye's like our own, brown skin to relate to, but most importantly - those things that are important to our essential Indian heritage and well being. I urge those who can - to help these children stay where they were meant to be. Amongst a community that is their goes so much deeper than one would believe. It transcends through the eons of time-those memories that are genetically inherent but, need guidance to blossom. I do love those that raised me and call me family. No disrespect meant in the truth. But, those were many years ago and now we see the need for change! Sincerely, Yvonne


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