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A still from "The Daughter of Dawn"

1920 All-Native Cast Silent Film 'The Daughter of Dawn' Premieres

April 23, 2013

UPDATE: Because of such overwhelming demand to see the premiere of The Daughter of Dawn, the location has been moved to a bigger venue. For details, go here.

As ICTMN reported last year, a print of The Daughter of Dawn, the 1920 silent film with an all-Native cast  was recently discovered. More than 300 Kiowa and Comanche took part in the production, using their own clothing, horses tipis, and everyday items that they brought with. Key actors were children of Comanche Chief Quanah Parker: White and Wandada Parker. It was shown to the public only once, in 1920 in Los Angeles. Now, though, the public will have the opportunity to view the historically-significant film this Saturday, April 27.

Fort Larned National Historic Site will host the film's Kansas premiere, with a full day of dedicated events.

The film was shot in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahama, near Anadarko. “Very few movies with all-Indian casts were shot in Indian Country,” Bob Blackburn, executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, told The Wichita Eagle.

Here is the full lineup for the day at Fort Larned:

• 1 p.m. “Comanches and Kiowas, and Fort Larned” by Tim Zwink, deputy director of Oklahoma Historical Society, and Vanessa Jennings, Kiowa elder

• 2:15 p.m. “History of the Tipi with Battle Pictures,” Matt Reed, curator of museum collections at the Oklahoma Historical Society

• 3:45 p.m. Fort Larned Old Guard Meeting; public is welcome

• 4:30 p.m. Fort Larned Retreat Ceremony

• 7 p.m. Premiere showing of “The Daughter of Dawn,” Larned Community Center, 1500 Toles Road

And if you can't attend, you can watch the first ten minutes of the picture, which is really still a work in progress, here:





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