Johnny Depp with LaDonna Harris, Comanche Nation. The Comanche Nation adopted Depp.

Video: Johnny Depp Speaks to the Gathering of Nations

April 28, 2013

The 30th Annual Gathering of Nations closed last night, April 27, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, after another hugely successful run. It may have been what opened the gathering that generated the most excitement, though.

In a video message, Johnny Depp, who plays Tonto in the upcoming Lone Ranger film, welcomed attendees to the massive pow wow and Native festival.

Watch that video here:

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Lorraine 's picture
Submitted by Lorraine on

he speaks from his heart the truth he knows and feels. He has been inspired by the people he has met the love he has felt the wisdom and knowledge of elders and the young hearts of the children, he has tasted the real freedom of what is real and what is not real, TWO WORLDS we all live in. I think he has a beautiful spirit and in his world is not easy to be who you are in the heart.

Billy Wescogame S.r(Havasupai)'s picture
Billy Wescogame...
Submitted by Billy Wescogame... on

I never knew he was a First Nation People,I'm also very proud know that he has the courage to stand out and speek his mind and soul to our people,it is a good thing to say what he said without disrespecting our heritage and the First Nation People!AHO! may you live long Bro!

Deana's picture
Submitted by Deana on

Very good! He is a great actor. He fits this character well. He is speaking "Native" with his voice, body language, and total presentation. Very good indeed.

Rosanne Allen-Hewlett's picture
Rosanne Allen-H...
Submitted by Rosanne Allen-H... on

I have so many wonderful friends of the tribes. I'm so fortunate !! Rosanne

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

Thank you, Mr. Depp! Grandfather keep you safe in your travels and send you home to us!

Ellyn (Watches Crow) Parker-Neal

Dee Joyce's picture
Dee Joyce
Submitted by Dee Joyce on

My grandmother was half Native American and half French. I had my first experience at the Gathering of the Nations around 2005... It left me speechless. The whole weekend was such an amazing experience! One day I will get back there again...

Ben Poorthuis
Submitted by Ben Poorthuis on

Good sayings Mr. Depp !

May the great Spirit protect you.

Larry J's picture
Larry J
Submitted by Larry J on

The Tonto just pours right out of the man.... osdadu tsani. I am glad you are finding life more spiritually awakening as a Native American.

Cynthia Thompson's picture
Cynthia Thompson
Submitted by Cynthia Thompson on

I love Johnny Depp....He is a great actor. I think that he is real and theres nothing fake about him. We are. What we are. I am part native and proud of it. My ancestors.. left the reservation because of the living conditions...It doesnt take away from our bloodline....Peace and Many Blessings To Johnny and to all.

sig lang's picture
sig lang
Submitted by sig lang on

Greetings to my brothers and sisters,decended from Siberia.I wish you peace.
Mother Earth is all you will ever need in your lives.Your brother from the Great
White North.AHO

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Linda A.
Submitted by Linda A. on

GOOD JOB Johnny, Research is The Key to getting your Part Right. Work It Dude, Not Quite The REZ Accent YET