Nadalie Thomas
Still from Nadalie Thomas's video of shattering lake ice, a spring phenomenon.

Watch and Listen as Crystallizing Lake Ice Needles Tinkle Like Shattering Chandeliers

April 29, 2013

It sounds like the tinkling of a wind chime or a chandelier. But it's not something one would expect to hear lakeside in early spring. 

"Nadalie and her kids were down on the shores of Medicine Lake in Plymouth Saturday when they noticed large piles of ice that were splintering into fine shards similar to glass," reports KARE11 News in Minnesota. "As spectacular as the visual image was the ear-splitting sound that accompanied the icy scene."

The sight of ice "needles" virtually flowing from the lake's waters and piling up, even as everyone wore T-shirts so impressed was Thomas that she shot video and sent it to the television station's meteorological desk, which broadcast it. 

The phenomenon occurs when temperatures reach springlike levels and winds push the thin ice still covering the lake ashore, according to the Daily Mail. Weekend temperatures reached almost 79 degrees, allowing people to frolick in T-shirts while scooping up shards of ice that gathered in fast motion along the lake's shore, pushed by the wind. 

Below it, a bonus: A 2010 clip of the phenomonon at Trout Lake, this one producing ice cubes lieu of needles.