Dan Snyder steadfastly supports using the term "redskins."

Daniel Snyder: 'RG3' Not Okay; 'Redskins' Okay


The Washington Post's entertainment and nightlife blog "The Reliable Source" reports that at the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg party in D.C. on Saturday night, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder snapped at a guest for calling his star quarterback by his nickname, RG3, instead of his proper first name. “It’s Robert," Snyder snarled at the partygoer.

So to recap: According to Snyder, it's okay to use the term redskins, a derogatory term which is offensive--considered racist--to many Native Americans, and its use is currently being challenged in court and by the U.S. Congress. But don't you dare call an athlete by his nickname--which is really just his initials--that he himself uses.

RG3 is, of course, Robert Griffin III, the 2011 Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback out of Baylor University who is now one of the most exciting players in the NFL. In addition to being named to the Pro Bowl last season, RGIII was the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year and the Sporting News Rookie of the Year. He led the Redskins to a 10-6 record and their first playoff appearance since 2007.

Even in enemy territory, the New Orleans Superdome, home to dem Saints, RG3 is RG3 (or RGIII, in this case) (Getty Images)

Griffin's been known as RG3 since at least 2009, when he was playing at Baylor and a Waco, Texas, sports anchorman called him that, as ESPN recounts, and it stuck.

Just don't call him "Bob," as New York Giants d-lineman Osi Umenyiora learned.


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Interesting how RGIII laments "the tyranny of political correctness" in another article. I wonder how a team named the Nashville Niggers would fare with him?

Adam Hankins's picture
Adam Hankins
Submitted by Adam Hankins on
Sounds like Snyder's comment was used out of context. The "partygoer" probably called him "Bob" Griffin, which provoked the response from Snyder. Such a reaction would have been more logical--I don't think Snyder would have cared about calling him "RG3" because everyone else in the media does.