Robert Griffin III is already an NFL superstar, following a breakout rookie season.

RG3: The Redskins Name and the 'Tyranny of Political Correctness'

May 01, 2013

RG3, perhaps better known as Robert Griffin III, the star quarterback of the Washington Redskins has taken to Twitter to air his views about the D.C. NFL club's controversial name, considered racist by many Native Americans. 

“In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness,” RG3 tweeted on his official Twitter account. He followed that up with a definition of tyranny: "Tyranny- "a condition imposed by some outside agency or force <living under the tyranny of the clock" or political correctness...."

The Heisman Trophy winner's comments came soon after it was learned that D.C. Council member David Grosso would be formally introducing a resolution to push Daniel Snyder's NFL team to change its name from Redskins to Redtails.

An outpouring of tweets followed in response, on both sides of the redskins issue. “Tyranny? Do we share a common reality?” one person tweeted back to RGIII. “Loyalty to local racist named team fading…fading,” wrote another.

One Seattle fan jumped ship and become an RG3 supporter: "As a Seahawks fan, I gained a lot of respect for @RGIII today."

Some were confused, but supportive of the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year speaking his mind: I don't know what @RGIII is upset about. But I love a superstar QB being willing to speak his mind. Please, media, can we let this continue?"

The young QB, who led the D.C. club to the playoffs for the first time since 2007 last year, is now the leader of the Redskins team and a legitimate NFL superstar in the making. He's shared his views. What do you think? Let ICTMN know by commenting below.




Laurie Sheffield's picture
Laurie Sheffield
Submitted by Laurie Sheffield on

I think RG3 is correct. Redtails should bean an all black team for one the Redtails (associated with the Tuskegee airmen of WWII)....For how many years have we had Redskins?Maybe we should change everything in case it hurts someone's feelings. I'm a Cowboy fan.........does that hurt Indians feelings? GET A DAMN GRIP PEOPLE!

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Minny Hahaw
Submitted by Minny Hahaw on

Seeing the very darkskinned arm of RG3 I suggest that his team name be changed to the Blackskins or for a little class, maybe the Ebonyskins

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Submitted by Grover on

Go RGIII! You are showing common sense in a land where common sense is becoming extinct.

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Submitted by salwag on

For me, when someone bristles at being told that a team name is offensive to a specific group of people, and that person is not interested in learning the reasons why, then that person reflects a large ego and self importance that causes a loss of respect. Pretty much it is not up to anyone outside of that group to determine what is offensive or is up to Native people to decide what is offensive or not with respect to a team name, simple as that. It is up to the rest of us to honor and respect that, not put up defenses or attitudes, simple as that.

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Submitted by Anonymous on

I totally agree with RG3. Leave the name alone. Political correctness restricts free speech. Go Redskins

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Submitted by gdmn2find on

While not a Washington Redskins fan, I do admire the comments made by RG3. back when Jack Kent Cooke was the owner, he was also being pushed to change the name of the Redskins. He flat out refused. Again, not a fan, but the imagery of the Redskins Logo is not in anyway derogatory or demeaning. The Cleveland Indian logo was more cartoonish if you want a comparison. If you ask the fans of the Redskins, they look upon the name with pride and respect and a love for what it represents. Personnaly I wish the team would just go away. LOL But I am a Dallas fan too.

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karen k little ...
Submitted by karen k little ... on

pure ignorance

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Submitted by Anonymous on

Keep speaking up and don't let the media and others dictate to those of us who have differing opinions, what we should think and how we should speak. I am sick of hearing the lies and facade created by political correctness. We are stronger than this, and can be stronger if we speak plainly and truthfully, without so much fear of offending everyone. If one is easily offended, that is because they think more highly of themselves than others. Not a strong position to be coming from.

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Frank C
Submitted by Frank C on

RGIII Thank you for the courage for eloquently stating the truth!

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Frank C
Submitted by Frank C on

RGIII Thank you for the courage for eloquently stating the truth!

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Submitted by Samantha on

He'd be singing a different tune if the team name was a derogatory name against African Americans.

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on

It's funny how people only complain about "political correctness" when it doesn't involve them directly. I don't watch football and didn't know that Robert Griffin III (what a pretentious name) was Afridan-American.

I wonder how he'd feel about a team named the Nashville Niggers?

M. Garlinda Burton wrote (in her book "Never Say Nigger Again") that she would rather deal with the overt racist over the well-meaning liberal. Why? Because you always know where you stand with the racist - not so with the politically correct "liberal" who believes he isn't a racist because he doesn't use racist terms, but continues to treat others in a condescending manner.

Frankly, if it's just political correctness that's keeping you from treating others badly, I don't have much respect for you at all!

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Submitted by Joe on

I am a red-haired, actually red-skinned human and I love the Redskins name and am not offended by it.

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A red person.
Submitted by A red person. on

I vote blackskins! Since RGIII is there he would fit the bill.

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Submitted by Anonymous on

Whether it is offensive or not is for Native Americans to decide. But, in the end, it is the name and unless having that name is made to feel financially or morally unacceptable to those who own the team, it will remain the name. I have my opinion and you have yours. We are both free to voice those opinions, PC or not. Any legislature mandating that Dan Snyders opinion must change is just as immoral or offensive as the name may be, and unconstitutional. Cheers to RG3!

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glen douglass
Submitted by glen douglass on

ict staff and any one affiliated with them are punks and i can back it up

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j bez
Submitted by j bez on

Dear Robert

What would your postion be if you were palying for :
"Washington Blackskins"?

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j bez
Submitted by j bez on

Dear Robert

What would your postion be if you were palying for :
"Washington Blackskins"?

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j bez
Submitted by j bez on


What would your postion be if you were playing for the

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Pat Lenzi
Submitted by Pat Lenzi on

Sadly, RGIII is more interested in protecting a tradition and time where offensive names for a minority group was considered acceptable. He decries it as political correctness gone overboard. He cannot seem to understand, in his youth and from his privileged position, that calling another group of people by a racist name might be offensive to them. Maybe he is a rare African American who likes others referring to him with a derogatory racial reference - as in African Americans being called the "N" word, monkey, Monday, shifltess, etc. Maybe in his world, it is traditional and acceptable to refer to Asian Americans as chinks, slant eyes, etc. For all we know, he thinks that it is ok to refer to the women in his life as bitches or the "c" word - why stop at being politically correct about racist terms? Maybe he calls people spics, micks, kikes, and other racial terms just because it is acceptable to him, and to do otherwise is to bow to imaginary pressure of political correctness. He could be playing for the Washington Slaves or Slaveholders, or the Sharecroppers or any of a thousand possible team names that would hurt the hearts of people in his family. As a role model, he is teaching that continuing racial stereotypes is more important than growing and learning that derogatory racial terms for others are hurtful. I hope he rethinks his position and learns from this.

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John Weil
Submitted by John Weil on

I think that Robert Griffin's comments were immature and ill-informed at best. No other race of people has been treated so poorly and is presently suffering as much economically in the USA as the original people of North America. Grow up, Mr. Griffin III! Do some reading.

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Submitted by matrix on

I think RG3 or superbob should shutnthe hell up... What does his young a$$ know about anything? I advise him to close his pie hole before DC natives runs his PC azz out of town

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Submitted by unknown on

Lets be honest.. its not about being offensive.. its about money. dont be blind

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Jane Milliron
Submitted by Jane Milliron on

What amazes most people is the fact that RGIII has taken a position. Political correctness has gone amuck and people are so tired of it, especially when they push the envelop with sports names. Redskins are Redskins forever and ever, Amen.