Cooperstown Central School's logo is a silhouette of the "Indian Hunter" statue by John Quincy Adams Ward. The statue used to be in Central Park in New York City, as seen on the right, but it now sits in Lakefront Park in Cooperstown, New York.

Cooperstown Changes Mascot from Redskins to Hawkeyes


Athletes in Cooperstown, New York will no longer be known as the Redskins. On April 23 the Cooperstown Board of Education unanimously voted on the new nickname—beginning July 1, athletes at Cooperstown Central School will be the Cooperstown Hawkeyes.

The Little Falls Times reports that the school’s orange and black colors and emblem will remain the same. The school board voted in March to get rid of the Redskins nickname by June 30. Other options included the Pathfinders, Pioneers and Huskies.

To use the Hawkeye name school officials needed to get approval from Thomas Hickey, president and owner of the Cooperstown Hawkeyes, a collegiate baseball team. Hickey agreed to share the name.

The school expects new uniforms will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000—a cost the Oneida Indian Nation has said it would help offset. (Related story: “Oneida Indian Nation Congratulates Cooperstown Central School Board for Voting to Remove Redskins Mascot)

“We congratulate the Board of Education on its decision to transition to a new, more inclusive mascot. As we stated in our letter to the students last month, the Oneida Indian Nation is honored to be able to provide a donation to the Cooperstown Central School to help offset the cost of changing mascots,” said Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation representative and CEO of Nation Enterprises, parent company of Indian Country Today Media Network, in March. “The students and administration at Cooperstown Central School have provided a model for the rest of the country that says we can still honor our schools and our sports teams without dishonoring our country’s races, cultures and shared heritage.”

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