Jim Rydbom, Greeley Tribune
The two billboards conveying the image and message above appeared in the Greeley, Colorado area recently creating quite the controversy, but are no longer as the lease was not renewed.

Controversial Pro-Gun Billboards Depicting Native Americans are No More



The two billboards that appeared along highways in Greeley, Colorado in April depicting three American Indians with a pro-gun message of “Turn in your arms, the government will take care of you,” are no longer.

The anonymous residents who purchased the billboards through Lamar Advertising did not renew their lease and the area is now blank space according to an article in at GreeleyTribune.com.

The two billboards – one on the northbound side of U.S. 85 near 18th Street, and the other on the westbound side of U.S. 34 near 95th Avenue – created quite a stir in the community with those opposed using statements along the lines of “it is insensitive,” while supporters were wondering “where can we send a check to support more?” (Related story: Native Americans on Pro-Gun Billboards Create Controversy)

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Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
It's a shame that they did not renew them. These billboards need posted all across the USA for people to see. We KNOW what happened when our ancestors turned in their guns & believed they would taken care of by the government. They were murdered! Lies, deceits & murders is all we have seen out of the washichu government & it's military. Some may think I am being harsh, I am not. Just read the history books written by OUR people & see how much has been left out of the white history books. To our many people, the events of the past seem like yesterday. We had ancestors who were in these events. So it IS personal to First Nations people. Just because these things happened many years ago does not mean it can't happen again. If anything, history ALWAYS repeats itself time after time.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
These billboards honor us as much as naming a Washington DC team the Redskins. How dare the White Man (and by White Men I mean the illiterate rednecks who are whining that Obama wants to take their guns) equate Native genocide with simple background checks. This is the typical hyperbole used by Conservative assholes who seek to whip their uneducated voter base into a frenzy. No one is killing their children, their elders, their women. No one is taking their land and forcing them to live elsewhere. No one is waging an honest attempt to wipe gun owners off the face of the earth! This billboard is just another example of conservatives using us for their own convenience.

indianmedicine's picture
Submitted by indianmedicine on
"Lessons Learned By Historical Fact"

aiahninchi ohoyo's picture
aiahninchi ohoyo
Submitted by aiahninchi ohoyo on
damn...you just never know what white folks are gonna come up with next....this was REALLY hitting below the belt....i would assume from "the u s government is going to take care of you" they are staunch N R A supporters and just thought they were being cute....well, they werent....

bwaikiki's picture
Submitted by bwaikiki on
So true! History has a warning just like Two Bears Growling explains it.

Everette Short's picture
Everette Short
Submitted by Everette Short on
Some of you just don't get it. We, the people of the United Corporations of America, are now the native populace that has become the next target of a political machine with an agenda that includes enslavement (mission accomplished) and brainwashing (again... mission accomplished). If ANY of you think that your government will care for and take care of you, I will gladly donate a shovel so you can start digging your own grave...