First Female Native American Graduates NMSU Army ROTC Program


This month, Emily Juchniewicz will graduate from New Mexico State University with a degree in community health, the first of her siblings to earn a bachelor's degree. She also will leave the school as an Army officer, the first female Native American to graduate the school's Army ROTC program. Two Apache men had previously graduated from the program.

"Cadet Juchniewicz has opened the door wide, not only for herself, but her family, tribe, Native Americans and females," said Lt. Col. Andrew Taylor, professor of military science at NMSU Army ROTC. "She is a leader and will make a huge difference for our Army, our country, and her community."

Juchniewicz hails from the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation, a small tribe located about 45 miles west of Albuquerque.

"I want to change and minimize all the health issues you hear about on the reservation, and educate them about different alternatives," Juchniewicz said. "By demonstrating and educating how you can eat better. This is how you can reduce getting diabetes."

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indianmedicine's picture
Submitted by indianmedicine on
Congratulations Lieutenant & ROTC Graduates , but your "Training" has just "Begun"! As you progress in your Military Career; you will find Professional Levels of difficulty commensurate with your Rank / Grade / Position of "Trust & Responsibility". (It goes with the territory !) Suggestion, "Leaders Lead People, Managers Manage Things", if you remember that you will develop your own professional style of being a Military Officer. -De Oppresso Liber- USA,(Ret.)

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Congratulations, Emily! It amazes me that I have to read about happenings in my own home town on ICTMN. You'd think the Sun News would have covered this story, but then knowing the Sun News it's not a surprise. Here is to your continued accomplishments and to your education. Now go out and impress your family and friends with what you are capable of doing.