Cherokee Nation To Manufacture NextGen Illumination Supply in Stilwell

May 14, 2013

Cherokee Nation Industries has partnered with Arkansas-based NextGen Illumination, known for its high-quality lighting solutions that reduce energy consumption, minimize waste and save on replacement and disposal costs.

The tribe will be manufacturing their products to service all supply demands for North and South America, a press release states.

Cherokee Nation Industries will be training employees at its Stilwell, Oklahoma facility to procure, assemble and package NextGen products.

“This is a great opportunity for us to further develop our existing talents, expand our market reach and create more jobs in northeast Oklahoma,” said Bill John Baker, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. “Cherokee Nation’s workforce is continuously growing, and technical work like this creates well-paying jobs that can support Cherokee families.”

Cherokee Nation Industries recently received its first order for 1,000 assemblies from the company. Hiring to support the additional work will begin immediately.

“I’ve listened to the people I serve, and it’s clear to me that the economy is the most important issue to our Cherokee citizens in Adair County,” said Frankie Hargis, District 7 Tribal Councilor. “I’m happy we can create job opportunities here in their home community.”

As work orders increase, the company hopes to expand job opportunities.

“This diversification is important for our Stilwell facility as it creates opportunity to expand into commercial products and markets,” said Chris Moody, Cherokee Nation Industries president. “NextGen products are known for having the finest workmanship and highest caliber components. Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced, and we are looking forward to exceeding our clients’ expectations and growing these operations.”

NextGen Illumination provides sustainable LED lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural customers.

“The beauty of working with the tribe is their extensive knowledge of manufacturing and production, which allows us to improve on our practices and streamline processes,” said Jerry McCormick, vice president of operations for NextGen Illumination. “We are applying emerging technologies to create state-of-the-art and proprietary products for our customers.”