Yes, Gil Birmingham is in 'The Lone Ranger' -- Here's the LEGO that Proves It


You know Johnny Depp is in Disney's The Lone Ranger, coming to a theater near you on July 3. You might also know that Armie Hammer and Helena Bonham Carter are in the film.

But what about prolific Native actor Gil Birmingham, who (ahem) is actually Comanche? Visit The Lone Ranger's IMDB page, and Gil is nowhere to be found.

But where I-M-D-B comes up short, L-E-G-O delivers.

When ICTMN contacted a representative for Birmingham yesterday, hoping to verify that the actor is in the film despite his omission from the IMDB listing, she replied that yes, absolutely, Gil Birmingham is in this movie. He plays a character named Red Knee.

She further informed us that Birmingham has a figure in the Lone Ranger Comanche Camp LEGO playset alongside the figures based on Tonto and the Lone Ranger as played by Depp and Hammer. She also sent the production still of Birmingham in character that the LEGO figure was based on.

We are thinking Gil Birmingham is the first Native actor to be immortalized in LEGO form -- although we are sure that there are legions of LEGO fanatics who will correct us if we're wrong on that.

Gil Birmingham as Red Knee in Disney's 'The Lone Ranger.'
LEGO's Comanche Camp playset from its series of toys based on 'The Lone Ranger.'


Finally, why does Red Knee in LEGO form wear a buffalo-horn headdress while Red Knee in the movie does not? You'll have to ask LEGO for the answer to that one.

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