It's going to be Sho-Time in Russia this July.

Shoni Schimmel Joins Team USA to Take on the World


The Umatilla Thrilla is going global.

After leading the Louisville Cardinals on a superb, unprecedented run to the national title game in the 2013 NCAA women's basketball tournament, Shoni Schimmel, Umatilla, is joining Team USA. Schimmel was selected May 19 to join the U.S. squad that will compete at this summer's World University Games. That the star point guard was chosen is no surprise to anyone who follows college basketball, but the Thrilla demurred.

"I was definitely shocked," Schimmel said. "It’s definitely a great honor to play for the USA Basketball team. It’s just an honor, and I’m just excited to be here."

The World University Games will be held July 8-15 in Kazan, Russia. Organized by the International University Sports Federation and held every other year, the WUGs is a multi-sport competition open to men and women who are between the ages of 17 and 24. The U.S. women’s team is comprised of U.S. citizens who are currently enrolled in college and have remaining eligibility. And they're all superstars, with seven previous gold medalists returning to the team that will head overseas. Schimmel, who will be a senior at Louisville next season, is one of five first-time Team USA players.

When asked what she'll contribute to the U.S. team, which has a 95-15 record all-time at the WUGs, Schimmel said:

"I think one of the best things I do is passing, so just to be able to get that person that open look, and get them to knock down that shot, and make those passes that they’re not really going to expect. They’ll catch them and just go from there. But definitely, passing, but I can still shoot, defend and whatever it is. Whatever it may be, I’ll do whatever it takes."

Watch out, world.

(Steven Maikoski - USA Basketball)



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Submitted by lorrainesposey on

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Teresa Crane
Submitted by Teresa Crane on
Shoni, I am sooooo proud of you, grandma Sis called me and gave me the news, she is so excited for you, I wish you the best and prayers for your journey over and back....Love You Lots......"the Queen" :0

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Isaac Curley (A...
Submitted by Isaac Curley (A... on
Indian Country's youth and rez ball enthusiasts are enjoying the ride with Shoni and Jude Schimmel. Doors continue to open for the Schimmel show duo and we love it! Personally, I wish to extend a big 'thank you' to the parents, Rick and Cici Schimmel, who laid the foundation. Let us be mindful that it takes adult guidance and skilled coaches along the way to build a team. Thank you for the ride! Go team USA!!

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Joanne Peone - ...
Submitted by Joanne Peone - ... on
Good job Shoni, you are an inspiration for all the young and old indians within your reservation and ours. Keep up the good work and have fun.

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dale m jones
Submitted by dale m jones on
good job girls you showing the indian kids they have to study hard and they can make it to so my prays are with you make your self ready for the things ahead of you