Primeaux, during his service in Vietnam

First American Indian Earns Honor From Disabled American Veterans


Dr. Robert "Bob" Primeaux, member of the Standing Rock Sioux, is a Vietnam veteran who is dedicated to helping veterans across the country, particluarly in matters of health care. And he's being recognized for his efforts.

Disabled American Veterans has awarded Primeaux the 2013 Sonny Montgomery Helping Hands Award. The award is named after longtime Mississippi Congressman G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery, who served in World War II. Primeaux is the first American Indian to receive this honor, which is presented annually by DAV to a veteran who is making a real difference to help the lives of others.

"I congratulate you for the hard work and dedication to America's veterans and their continued health care," DAV Commander Jeffrey K. Carson told Primeaux.

Read more about Primeaux and his work: Vietnam Veteran Continues to Look for Answers

Primeaux hosts two radio programs on veterans issues on Native Voice One. For details, click here.

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Suelonm 's picture
Submitted by Suelonm on
I am happy to see that he has the recognition he deserves. Congratulations Mr. Primeaux.

Martha Farrellbegg's picture
Martha Farrellbegg
Submitted by Martha Farrellbegg on
Congratulations to you sir! Thank you for all your efforts and may others follow your footsteps......