Retired Patawomeck Chief Would Be 'Offended' if D.C. Team Changes Name


Robert "Two Eagles" Green is the longtime and recently retired chief of the Patawomeck Tribe, a state-recognized tribe in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Today, SiriusXM NFL Radio hosted Green for a discussion on the use of the term redskin by the Washington, D.C., NFL team (listen here). And he was quite frank in stating his opinion, Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Blog observes.

"I’ve been a Redskins fan for years. And to be honest with you, I would be offended if they did change it," Green said.

Green spoke on the air after, as ICTMN reported, 10 Congress members sent a letter to team owner Daniel Snyder urging him to change his club's name for being offensive--racist--to Native Americans.

The former chief also offered a history lesson. “I think what you have to do is look at where the name Redskins originated,” he said on the radio. “There are some that give the term Redskin a negative connotation — to indicate that it was created by the white man to offend the Indians — but in reality the term Redskins came from the Indians. And they referred to themselves oftentimes — in treaty negotiations, in meetings with the early settlers – as Redskins. So it’s not a term that the white man created; it’s actually a term that the Indians themselves created." Read more of what Green said here.

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Submitted by Opechan on
Thanks for giving "Chief" Green a forum to appear legitimate; there's nothing he likes better. Him and his "tribe" are total stranger among Virginia Tribes. Spending generations passing for white and keeping other Natives at arms-length has really paid-off.

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Submitted by Kanutamwi on
Kevin Brown, 58 and chief of the Pamunkey Tribe of Virginia, said, “I’m a Redskins fan, and I don’t think there’s any intention for (the nickname) to be derogatory. The majority of the people in my tribe don’t have a problem with it. There are a few who do, and we respect their feelings. G. Anne Richardson, chief of Virginia’s Rappahannock Tribe said, I don’t have an issue with it, There are so many more issues that are important for the tribe than to waste time on what a team is called. We’re worried about real things, and I don’t consider that a real thing." It's just not the Patawomeck Chief saying this. and it is possible to post a message without personally attacking someone, Opechan.

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Submitted by Opechan on
I am familiar with the comments from Pamunkey and Rappahannock, and Virginia Indians have legitimate concerns about the Patawomeck, in particular. The Patawomeck basically ceased to exist as a tribe hundreds of years ago. The theory is that they assimilated into the white community and there were rumors that some of their descendants were around, but the community itself just consistently married poor whites, without exception. There were also rumors that the group that calls themselves Patawomeck today are using "Indian" heritage to cover for black heritage. They wouldn't be the first to do that. However, they did not associate with other Virginia Indians; they ignored us. They did not marry within their group, nor marry within other Virginia Indian groups, which is one of the things we did (and still do) to survive. They did not publicly identify themselves as Indian. They didn't even make themselves known to our communities, for all this time. Enter Robert Green, sometime in the '90s. I've seen the man listen to us talk about our heritage and ancestors, then turn around, and claim our ancestors for his own, with no proof of a link, whatsoever. Understand, we're from small communities. For better or worse, we know who family is, and he isn't one of ours, nor has he proven it. Green just decided to start calling himself a chief one day, and here he is. He just isn't credible. Him being mixed isn't the problem. The problem is he and his community haven't show themselves to be a mix of anything connected to Virginia Indians. They haven't been "part of the mix" in any sense. I don't expect an outsider to know that.

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White Cloud
Submitted by White Cloud on
SOUR GRAPES CONTINUE TO CAUSE "PUCKER" - I realize that these comments are "old" posts, however, I feel compelled to add another one - since a "fresh audience" is still constantly being exposed to some needlessly venomous & ignorant comments with INCORRECT INFORMATION about Chief Emeritus Robert "Two Eagles" Green in particular and the Patawomeck Indian Tribe in general. I can see both sides of the "Redskin" football team debate, but, more concerning to me than the name of a sports team is the fact that individuals in the Virginia Indian community are not more amiable and civil toward one another! In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along"???? I think folks should realize that these posted "COMMENTS" tend to stay online FOREVER so it would be wise to KNOW YOUR FACTS before posting, and, making derogatory remarks about people doesn't necessarily show your wisdom - it just shows your ignorance & small-minded intolerance. I must commend & agree with Kanutamwi that "its possible to post a message without personally attacking someone", and, as to the post by "Anonymous" that you "can't fix stupid"... I'm afraid that I feel compelled to at least TRY!... I AM A MEMBER of the Patawomeck Indian Tribe, and along with about 1,500 other Tribal members, I take offense at Opechan's ugly comments. I served as Tribal Chief Judge for about 10 years on the Tribal Council, and, during that time, I had ample experience working with Chief Green in many capacities, so, I feel that I have a right to an opinion here. Now to the "INCORRECT INFORMATION": As to our Tribe ceasing to exist... like several other Virginia Tribes having no rez, we certainly, during the "Walter Plecher years" had to keep to ourselves & stay submerged to some degree, but, certain members of other Virginia Tribes (especially Mattaponi, Pamunkey, & Rappahannock) kept an ongoing (though intermittent) connection with our "WATERMEN" and certain ones of our "elders" in the White Oak area. For instance Chief Kevin Brown visited our elders in White Oak with his Grandfather when he was a small boy. As to retaining our culture, we still have members who work the water crabbing... & some who can still weave "gill nets" by hand and a few can even craft the old split-oak "eel pots"... and, among other craft items, I've made dugout canoes for the Tribe myself: As to the allegation of "not marrying within our group" (the poster is most certainly speaking out of "ignorance"). The College Of William & Mary (Danielle Moretti-Langholtz & Buck Woodard) confirmed our ongoing "INTERMARRIAGE" in the close-knit WATERMEN community around White Oak (the Potomac Creek/Potomac River area). Our Tribal Historian, William Deyo (former President of the Virginia Genealogical Society), has traced many intermarrying families with Indian blood - including Newton, Bullock, Green, Curtis, Roberson, Jett, Sullivan, Shackelford, Fines, Brown, Bates, Butler, Berry, Hudson, Jones, Cox, Chinn, Peyton, Porch, Monteith, Martin, Mcguire, and Shelton - with many being traced all the way back to the 1600's. And, as to "not marrying within other Virginia Indian groups" - that's also INCORRECT - one of the most obvious marriages was Wayne Newton's aunt, the late Elizabeth Newton who married the late Chief of the Mattaponi, O.T. Custalow. And, pertaining to Chief Green, he did NOT just start calling himself "Chief"... he was duly elected by a 10-member Tribal Council and was confirmed by majority vote of a large room full of Tribal members at large. Pertaining to these posted comments - after his venomous remarks, Opechan says, "I don't expect an outsider to know that" - well, Opechan, if you are an "insider", you'd best go sit and listen at the feet of your elders & perhaps you'll absorb some Indian etiquette... we can only hope.

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Submitted by WalkNCrow on
:)) Opechan, I Surround Your Being With A Healing Light So You May Hear The Truth Of Your Patawomeck Brothers Before Any Judgement. Kanutamwi, Thank You For Speaking Up For The Tribes Of Virginia I Send Your Being A Healing Light Also. Buddy White Cloud, I send You Love And A Healing Light Also For Bringing My Attention To This And Giving Me A Chance To Respond, KeNah Nemat. Around 1987 The County Of Stafford, Virginia Dedicated A Park To The Patawomeck And At The Highest Point Of The Hill Erected A Sign Thanking The Patawomeck For Saving Jamestown By Sending Corn When They Were Starving And For Pocahontas Who Brought Peace To All. This Was Leased To The American Indian Society Lead By Mitchell Bush An Onondaga Who Was On The Virginia Council Of Indians Who Knew Us As An Indian Nation And We Began The Path To State Recognition. His Advice To Live As An Indian Nation, So Robert Wrote The Constitution Of Patawomeck Indians Of Virginia Based On One Of The Other Indian Nations, And I Prepared And Designed The Sacred Art In The Tribal Seal, To Be Used When We Issued Cards, And Attached To The Application Which Everyone Signed To Prove Our Genealogy. On March 22, 1997, In A Meeting At White Oak Rescue Squad We Voted In Our New Constitution. Robert Was Elected Chief And He Took The Name Two Eagles To Honor The Two Eagles That Flew Into His Face As He Was Working On That Hill. Thence The Title Chief Robert Two Eagles Green. I Won The Position Of Lesser Chief And Took The Title Gary WalkNCrow Cooke. Which Fulfilled Items One And Two Of The State Criteria Of The Virginia Council On Indians. Now Back To The Hill. The Sign They Erected Was Vandalized With Racial Obscenities. They Repaired It And This Time Covered It With Plexiglas To Prevent A Reoccurrence. This Time They Set The Post On Fire And The Sign Was No More. Chief Robert Said We Would Put Another Sign. I Told Him No A Medicine Wheel We Must Build. Chief Robert Got Rolls Of Plastic Lawn Edging. Sissy War Bonnet Donated All 5 Cedar Heart Post Cut From Her Potomac Run Farm. I Bought Bags Of Oyster Shells, The Kind The Chickens Eat To Harden Their Eggs. And The Medicine Wheel Rose Like A Pheonix From The Fire :))