Rep. McCollum to Snyder: Change Racist Team Name


Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-Minnesota) has joined with nine other members of Congress and more than 50 tribes and organizations in urging Dan Snyder, the owner of the NFL’s Washington XXXskins football team, to change his team’s racist name. For decades, Native American leaders and tribal organizations have advocated for an end to the use of this derogatory and demeaning “brand."

The NFL’s Commitment to Diversity policy, found on the league's employment web page, states, “It is a cultural and organizational imperative about dignity, respect, inclusion and opportunity.” Unfortunately, in the case of Native Americans it appears that the league’s organizational imperative is not about dignity or respect, but the exploitation of racist branding for profit.

In letters addressed to team owner Dan Snyder, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and FedEx Chief Executive Officer Frederick Smith (the XXXskins main corporate sponsor), Congresswoman McCollum and the nine other Congress members called on the executives to end their profiteering from this racist team name. (Read the Letter Congress Members Sent to D.C. NFL Team Owner Dan Snyder)

"It is shameful that Dan Snyder and the NFL continue to exploit for profit a racial slur that demeans millions of Native Americans," said Congresswoman McCollum, in a press release. "This entire issue could end tomorrow with a simple decision by Mr. Snyder to change his football team's name to any of a million different mascots that would offend no one.

"It's time for the NFL and the team’s corporate sponsors to wake up, respect cultural diversity, and join Native American leaders in urging Mr. Snyder to change his team's racist name."

Congresswoman McCollum serves on the Appropriations Committee and is the Co-Chair of the Congressional Native American Caucus.

Congresswoman McCollum


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Tom Metzger's picture
Tom Metzger
Submitted by Tom Metzger on
Your right no American sports team should carry the name of Mongoloid wagon Burners. Take all those names back and use White names, For that matter rename all the U.S cities by European Names and dump the Mongoloid titles. Also Asian Indians should sue the tribes for falsely referring to themselves as Indians.

Sun Dancer's picture
Sun Dancer
Submitted by Sun Dancer on
Are you serious?!?!?!?! How many years has Washington bared the name Redskins and we're having issues with this now?!! I am tribal and I like the name. I would think that this shouldn't become a huge issue. There are other more important issues that need to be addressed within out governmental positions!

robert's picture
Submitted by robert on
This is BS anyone, ANYONE insulted by the Redskins name in the NFL is only looking for a dolla. Members of Indian tribes I have met laugh about it.

Submitted by FORWARD OBSERVER on
Good Idea. Remove ALL the mongol-asiatic names from our WHITE Sports Teams. No Human is Native to America. This is Viking Land. Get Ready Mud People.

Meshika's picture
Submitted by Meshika on
I thought that comments were moderated by admins and they let the garbage forward observer posted on here to be seen? Makes you wonder who runs this site tbh. As a Mexican America who celebrates my native heritage I dont see what is wrong about the Washington Redskins. Because first of all Nican Tlaca peoples are not red we are brown, white people turn red under the sun and look like lobsters. We are fighting to get rid of a stupid name white people came up with and now asking another white person to get rid of the name. Pretty soon there will be no references to nican tlaca first nation peoples anymore at this rate. Everything Native in public eye will be Native in the eyes of the white people or what is "PC" in their eyes.

Mojo Hand's picture
Mojo Hand
Submitted by Mojo Hand on
@Meshika, you are correct; the moderation here has been pretty lacking, letting the supremicists come in and post their usual nonsense.