Disney Will Donate Revenue From 'Lone Ranger' Premiere to American Indian College Fund

June 01, 2013

Wanna go to the premiere of The Lone Ranger, Disney's summer blockbuster in which Johnny Depp plays Tonto, on June 22 at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim?

It'll cost you a cool $1,000.

This is no ordinary premiere -- as Variety speculates, "presumably premiere guests will get the chance to party with stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer as well as producer Jerry Bruckheimer and helmer Gore Verbinski."

Disney has also chosen to donate 100% of the revenue from the event to the American Indian College Fund.

John Hiscock of The Telegraph sees the gesture as a clear attempt "to quash criticism about the casting of Johnny Depp."

There is undoubtedly truth to that assessment, although Disney isn't putting it in those terms. “We’ve had a terrific collaboration with the Native American community throughout the production of Disney’s The Lone Ranger,” Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn said in a statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “With the world premiere of this exciting film at hand, we are pleased to commemorate the occasion by supporting the American Indian College Fund.”

To be clear, Disney is donating the revenues -- not the profits -- from the event. One hundred percent of each $1000 ticket goes to AICF. Additionally, a one-of-a-kind Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle will be at the event for the stars to autograph; it will be auctioned off at a later date, with the money going to the AICF as well.

Interested movie fans can buy tickets directly from the AICF website: community.collegefund.org/the-lone-ranger



d.trujillo's picture
Submitted by d.trujillo on

never heard of AICF. have gone thru my tribe as a comanche for college funding, I ,m told my salary as an lpn (vocational nurse) is so much (33,000) I would have to pay for my own books. the books are just as expensive as college, so i couldnt afford to go back to school.

Not Impressed's picture
Not Impressed
Submitted by Not Impressed on

" terrific collaboration with the Native American community"

Uh huh. Right. As in ignoring all the criticism and requests, before and during filming, for him to not portray Natives as dumb stereotypes. Yup. Just terrific.

And look forward to the Tonto headdresses now for sale on the Disney website. Just google: Tonto Costume Collection for Boys

Hayden 's picture
Submitted by Hayden on

This has nothing to do about "the casting of Johnny Depp".

This has everything to do with "Red Face"

This is about what Hollywood thinks an Native American's should look like...a theatrical macabre clown, kooky and talking in broken english. This is flat out offensive to my heritage and I regret the day I have to explain this to my children.

This is absolutely no difference when Caucasian people put black face makeup on to racially stereotype African Americans.

Disney has dodged this fact, especially now that The Washington Redskins are in the limelight..they are jumping for cover.

Disney, Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, and the rest have ignored any wrong doing all this time... But how strangely they now want to buy their way into acceptance...and with a donation to The American Indian College Fund? When Hollywood buys their way into our educational system with their warped ideology, this truly is a sad day.

This is just more beads for the Indians.

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mary ann
Submitted by mary ann on

A worthy cause indeed!! How about DQ university in the Davis area…they can used some help with funds overthere. That is the college in the DAVIS California area where it was first built in the 70's and after the take over of Alcatraz. DQ University is the only native american college in California. They need help. Degenawida/Quetzlcoati College. Johnny deep and the Hollywwod community !! email me at [email protected] and I will connect you with these people. Thanks

aiahninchi ohoyo's picture
aiahninchi ohoyo
Submitted by aiahninchi ohoyo on

and johnny depp 'collaborating' with disney would be 100 per cent correct...this whole movie is shameful....the reasons for it, the 'actors' in it, etc...etc...etc....
again....money, money, money...only money....


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