It's unlikely that this sign speaks for most Native Americans.

New York Post's Phil Mushnick: No Good Defense to Keeping Offensive Name


In his June 2 Equal Time column in the New York Post, Phil Mushnick took his look at the debate over the use of the term redskins by the Washington, D.C. NFL franchise. For him, it's a matter of "common decency" to oppose the use.

"'Redskins' is not like Braves or Warriors, respectful, flattering nicknames. But even the most obdurate fan, one who would have no problem as part of an NFL crowd — even one partially sober — cheering for the 'Redskins' would be unlikely to approach a North American Indian and refer to him or her as 'redskin.'

"Why? Because most minimally right-headed folks know that is wrong, offensive. That should end it right there. 'Redskins' had a nice run, but it is time — well past the time — to go."

Read Mushnick's entire column "No Good Defense to Keeping Offensive Name" here. 




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I am a Mexican American forgive me if I am wrong but I like to support my Native heritage ( even though most Native Americans like to be not associate with Mexicans) and I am on both sides on why the name should and shouldnt be changed. This reminds of the logo changing of the San Diego State University Aztecs from the Aztec logo to a nondescript arrow head. What was wrong with the original Aztec warrior logo? Being Mexican American and looking back at the logo I see nothing wrong with it at all. Sometimes too much liberal viewpoints on offending people ( i am a socialist btw) causes something great like the Aztec warrior logo to be taken down. Then what will we have? Just some plain American version of an a team named the Aztecs? Redskin to me doesnt even make any sense, its just a stupid name made up by white people do begin with. Please correct me if I am wrong but the Nahua peoples and many other United States Native groups are met are brown. White people are the ones that turn red under the sun... Fighting over names white people come up with for Native nican tlaca peoples is just a waste of time. They are the same people that subjucated First Nation individuals for years now.. Perhaps a name like Washington First Nations or Washington Native Americans would be more PC but I think the letters from congress ( a bunch of white men who in the end really do not care about other races) to change the name isnt really the correct route to go about things.

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How long would it take to change a team's name if it were Washington Niggers, Kikes, Dagos, etc? Think about it people. This is not an honor, it is a slam dunk offense thing.