Around the Web: Reactions to NFL Boss Goodell Supporting Redskins Name


Wednesday, news broke that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had written a letter to Congress defending the "Redskins" name of Dan Snyder's Washington, D.C. team, declaring it as having a "positive" meaning (bear in mind, of course, that Goodell is only a former Redskins fan). Two Congress members responded quickly and scathingly and reactions to Goodell's letter have been breaking across the World Wide Web since. Here are some highlights.

Barry Petchesky of Deadspin.com writes "Read Roger Goodell's Letter To Congress Defending The Redskins Name"

BuzzFeed.com's Ben Mathis-Lilley says "NFL Comissioner, Other Americans Remain Resolutely Unenlightened On Racial-Slur Issue"

USAToday.com's Erik Brady has "Goodell defends Redskins name in letter to Congress"

Chris Greenberg of The Huffington Post reports "Roger Goodell Defends Redskins Name In Letter To Members Of Congress, Reporter Still Takes Stand"

Mike Florio of NBCSports.com's Pro Football Talk posts "Goodell defends Redskins name, admits issues raised are 'complex'"

WashingtonCityPaper.com's Mike Madden wins best headline with his "NFL Boss: Pigskins Name Isn't Racist"

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David Velarde Jr.'s picture
David Velarde Jr.
Submitted by David Velarde Jr. on
What do we have to do? What world do they live in? It is a racial slur.

Mojo Hand's picture
Mojo Hand
Submitted by Mojo Hand on
once again, a white man trying to decide for a marginalized minority group who they are. He really thinks the name stands for strength, courage, pride, respect? Wow. This is all about money. That's all it is about. Brand name, marketing, sales, etc. And Goodell is just protecting part of the old boy network, their monied interests, over human dignity and respect. History will not be kind to Goodell and Snyder, just like it isn't for the previous bigoted owner, George Marshall. We see you for what you are, Goodell.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
Too many colonized Indians are proud and support the name! Live with it!

MrSid's picture
Submitted by MrSid on
Then we should change the name of the Cleveland Indians, the Braves, the 49ers, the Cowboys, and any other team name that generalizes a group of people. Can't people just stop being so stupid. People who think this is racist are they themselves racists.