Ranging for miles, this herd of bison wanders across Grasslands National Park feeding on the native prairie. You can watch them live on your computer.

Five Live Wildlife Webcams You Need to See: Travel Without Leaving Home


For anyone who has an appreciation for the beauty and majesty of Turtle Island's wildife, the technology exists today to be able to watch animals such as bison and owls in their natural habitats right from the comfort of home. Explore.org has a fantastic collection of nature webcams, plus an abundance of photos, information and other wildlife resources. Here are five that you don't want to miss.

ONE: Watch Plains bison and prairie dogs doing their thing at Grasslands National Park: Click HERE

A suckling calf and mother (Explore.org)

TWO: Enjoy this Osprey Cam, set up in Bremen, Maine: Click HERE.

Dinner time for this gorgeous osprey. (Explore.org)

THREE: Watch polar bears on the Cape Churchill Cam which is set up in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba: Click HERE (Note: Cam is not currently live, but there is lots of amazing footage to enjoy)

Polar bear cubs! (Explore.org)

FOUR: You can catch glimpses of Great Horned Owls on this cam set up in Charlo, Montana: Click HERE


FIVE: Dog bless you! Athough these guys are of the domesticated variety, these adorable Great Dane pups are being trained to be service dogs--bravo! Click HERE

Great Dane! (Explore.org)



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