Phat Johnny Depp: 'Now that I am Indian, I have gained a tremendous amount of weight.'

Video: Tito Ybarra Greets Indian Country as 'Phat Johnny Depp'

June 12, 2013

If you thought Johnny Depp's candlelit video greeting to Gathering of Nations attendees was a bit of a head-scratcher, you're not alone. Comedian Tito Ybarra, famous for the characters he creates for skits and YouTube videos, puts his own spin on the Man Who Would Be Tonto with this video, "Phat Johnny Depp."

Phat Johnny Depp gives a shout-out to the "many other qualified Native actors" who could have played Tonto in The Lone Ranger (the list includes Danny DeVito and Ice-T), gives his reasons for not attending the pow wow ("You would have done things to my car") and discusses the changes in his lifestyle since being adopted into the Comanche Nation (his power has been shut off -- thus the candles).

(For more on Tito, check out ICTMN's 2012 profile of him, "Tito Ybarra's Medicine Is His Comedy.")