Pow Wow Dancer Roberta Kakinoosit, First Nation Cree, has recovered her regalia.

Cree First Nation Pow Wow Dancer Recovers Lost Regalia

June 13, 2013

Cree First Nation pow wow dancer Roberta Kakinoosit, of Edmonton, Alberta, was desperate to recover her intricately-beaded moccasins, eagle feathers, leggings, capes and dresses that she lost en route to a pow wow in Peace River last weekend. Her suitcase had fallen out of the back of her pick-up truck. The suitcase was recovered, left near one of the signs she had posted around her neighborhood seeking the return of her gear, but it's treasured contents were missing.

Watch: Click here to watch a CBC News video of Kakinoosit discussing her lost regalia.

But, thankfully, she will dance again in her sacred dresses, leggings, moccasins and eagle feathers after she found the missing items earlier this week, all intact.

"I can't even express how much that means," Kakinoosit told CBC News. "This is a part of me and it's part of my spirit. Now we can start planning our summer again because from losing all this stuff, everything was stopped."

Kakinoosit says she'll need to get her gear re-blessed by an elder before she can return to the pow wow circuit.





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nadine froderman
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What a blessing to have your regalia returned, unharmed. Dance with the Spirits.


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