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DC Rocs? One of four suggestions experts created as non-racist replacements for the Dan Snyder's Washington Pigskins

DC Rocs? Experts Offer Non-Racist Replacement Names for NFL’s Redskins

June 14, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek recently asked Lexicon Branding, which created hugely successful brand names like BlackBerry and Febreeze, to come up with some non-racist suggestions to replace the increasingly condemned name of Dan Snyder's Washington, D.C., NFL team. Then, Phoenix Design Works designed matching logos, something the firm excels at, having created logos for hundres of college and pro sports teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers. 

This being for Bloomberg Businessweek, the elite agencies came up with a scientfic, fantastically researched effort, the results of which are reported in an extensive PowerPoint presentation. Ultimately, Lexicon and Phoenix came up with four new monikers and logos for the Snyder's Pigskins (perhaps Phoenix could work something up for that catchy nickname), concluding:

“Tradition is important, but so is innovation. The team has been known as the Redskins since 1932. A new name can represent a decisive way to leave controversy behind and step into the future.”

One idea the agencies came up with is Rocs. The reasoning behind this suggestion includes: "Initial R maintains connection to Redskins heritage. Allows for rallying phrase 'Washington D.C. Rocks!'"

To see all four non-racist Lexicon-Phoenix alternatives, and to review the PowerPoint presentation, click here. And please share your thoughts on the designs with ICTMN by commenting below.

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