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Crazy Horse Memorial Ride horses. The annual ride honors Crazy Horse "Tasunke Witko," Veterans, and the Lakota youth of today

Five Moving Videos of the 2013 Crazy Horse Memorial Ride


This year's Crazy Horse Ride began June 2 and finished June 6, when the riders entered Pine Ridge. The event is an effort to unify communities, remember Lakota warrior Crazy Horse, honor today’s veterans and provide a safe, cultural experience for Lakota youth, according to organizer Charles "Bamm" Brewer, Oglala Lakota. A veteran's pow wow was held on Pine Ridge following the ride.

The theme for the 2013 Crazy Horse Ride was “Year of Renewal” and that's exactly what happened at rain fell off and on throughout this great, honoring event. The ride began with a night in Ft. Robinson State Park, departing from there to begin the ride to the Chadron Fair Grounds. And then on to the final campsite in Beaver Valley, the “Crazy Horse Camp.” More activities were held throughout the evening to bring all riders, their families, and visitors closer together. The ride is open to all racers; all youth must be on the Red Road and free of drugs and alcohol.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to enjoy themselves, contributing to the positive message and energy that rides along with this journey.

Here are five videos to give those who couldn't attend or participate a taste of what the experience is like.

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irishskipper's picture
Submitted by irishskipper on
glad to see more youth are retun to thire culture allong the way they should sing tThe song that wecome Thasunkee Witko when they trick him to giving upH

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Submitted by ekkucg on
this is soemthing he like (rath themself in rock since he disstory his land_ the people woring together. maybe this warrior will hwlp the trouble one and ave thir life have more thin g likr thid;; he still libe stonger then ever and he still has his people theyh may lilled the body but his spirt is stonger then ever