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Rose Olney Sampson, wearing her wonderfully beaded regalia, which she is hoping to have returned.

FOUND! Magnificent Beaded Pow Wow Regalia

June 05, 2013

Update, June 14: According to a Facebook post today, the missing regalia has been located and returned to Rose Olney Sampson. A nice, happy ending to this story as we head into the weekend.

This photo shows the gorgeous beaded regalia of Rose Olney Sampson, Yakama Nation. Sampson wore the regalia at the recent 22nd annual Tulalip Veterans Pow Wow, which was held May 31-June 2 at the Tulalip Resort in Tulalip, Washington. 

Unfortunately, Sampson didn't leave the pow wow with her beautiful regalia. Instead, the item is believed to have been stolen--and she's hoping to have it returned.

If you have any information regarding Sampson's regalia going missing, you're asked to please call 509-865-1000. Pidamaya!

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Margaret E Swiger's picture
Margaret E Swiger
Submitted by Margaret E Swiger on

I don't know anything about whom stole your garment and it is beautiful.
It saddens me to know that so many people you can't trust any more.
America people use to be trust worthy.
Hope you get your garment back without more troubles.
I hope and pray that American People can be trusted again.

Submitted by redwood on

One thing is for certain... if this lady's regalia was stolen, it was stolen by someone who does not believe in traditional ways. If they had an ounce of understanding, they'd know the harm that will befall them, or worse, their family... by their very act. It isn't much consolation... but we must offer prayers that no innocent family members will be harmed by such a shameful thief.

Susan Dahlseide's picture
Susan Dahlseide
Submitted by Susan Dahlseide on

Don't they realize the bad karma that comes with stealing a beautiful elders Regalia? I would definitely donate some sooniyaw to have it replaced for her.

Christina Janson's picture
Christina Janson
Submitted by Christina Janson on

It breaks my heart to think of an elder being so disrespected, as to steal from them. We were raised knowing that we respect our elders. In today's world it's all about the Meth. Low life scum taking up precious air.

Wanda Lee's picture
Wanda Lee
Submitted by Wanda Lee on

So beautiful. Magnificent! I will pray that your outfit is returned. God bless.


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