NBA hoops legend Phil Jackson shares his view of the Pigskins name on Twitter.

Before Judging NFL's Redskins Name, Consider the 'Racist' Who Chose It


Mike Florio of's Pro Football Talk has been relentlessly and thoroughly examining the Washington Pigskins naming controversy. In a column June 14, Florio says "Redskins name can’t properly be assessed without considering man who coined it." Excellent point.

George Preston Marshall, the founder and longtime owner of the NFL franchise who named his team the "Redskins," had an atrocious record on Civil Rights issues, including integration of the pro football league. Shouldn't that background be considered when reviewing the offensiveness of the Pigskins name?

"And with each move [current team owner Dan Snyder and the D.C. franchise] make to prop up a name that, unlike any other name of any other professional sports team, some people find offensive, more people who find it offensive become more willing to speak out — and more people who either didn’t know or didn’t care about the issue have the occasion to conclude that there’s something not quite kosher about the name," writes Florio.

Read the rest of Florio's column by clicking here. And please share your thoughts with ICTMN by commenting below.


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Jack McNeel - Today Correspondent's picture
Jack McNeel - T...
Submitted by Jack McNeel - T... on
Just to add another dimension to the argument. My understanding, through researching for a story about William H. "Lone Star" Dietz, is that when he was coaching the then Boston Braves football team, owner George Preston Marshall wanted to change the name from the better known baseball team and he renamed it the Redskins with Lone Star the coach, and part of the reason was that Lone Star was an Indian. There's some question of him being Indian but facts now known certainly indicate he was Indian.

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david cornelius
Submitted by david cornelius on
I believe it is Gary Nash in Red, White & Black who pointed out that the term referred to the bounty paid on "Redskins" meaning the skins had to be turned in to receive the bounty. Later, around 1680, scalps were enough to collect.