The Onion Skewers 'The Lone Ranger'

June 20, 2013

Satirical website The Onion took aim at Johnny Depp's portrayal of Tonto in The Lone Ranger yesterday, wryly lauding both the actor's choices and the notion that the less-than-authentic portrayal of a fictional Indian in an action film will compensate for Hollywood's past wrongs, as Depp has suggested.

The piece, titled "Ecstatic American Indians Praise 'The Lone Ranger'", includes comments from a 94-year-old Potawatomi elder, who says that "At long last, we have a tale befitting the long, proud tradition of our tribespeople." Additionally, a coalition of all American Indians declares that the genocide and countless historical injustices were "worth it" to arrive at a film as thoroughly excellent as The Lone Ranger.



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Ron Andrade
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Are you finally going to print a criticism of Benicio Del Toro playing an Indian or Lou Diamond Philips playing Indian? Are you chasing Depp because he is working for Disney? You like to say that it is hypocritical for non-Indians to play Indian roles but isn't it just as hypocritical to only criticize one actor and not the others? Where is your moral outrage in the fact that you have Del Toro on your front page?