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Three Stories on the Racist Redskins Name You Don't Want to Miss

June 20, 2013

As Congress pushes Dan Snyder to change the offensive name of his Washington, D.C. NFL team, and a decision in a federal trademark suit is pending, ICTMN takes a look around the Web to see what's happening on the Pigskins beat this afternoon. Here are three stories you don't want to miss. 

One: "Washington Redskins: Would a Pro Football Team by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?"

Josh Zerkle,'s NFL National Lead Reporter, devotes his most recent "Let Me Get This Straight" video segment to the polarizing Pigskins name. Join Zerkle as he picks a  "side in this political pigskin tug-of-war stemming from our nation's capital": WATCH

Two: Baseball historian and statistician Bill James is easily goaded into providing an opinion on the racist-or-not? Pigskins name, and ends up making Joe Theismann look sensible.

James writes: "I don’t have ANY reason to believe that 'redskins'offends all or nearly all Native Americans, and in fact I DON’T believe it. I suspect that it offends a group of 12 people who are in the business of finding things to be offended by. I can see that 'Redskins' pushes the envelope a little more than 'Indians' or 'Braves' or 'Blackhawks' or 'Seminoles,' but…are the Penobscot people offended that Penobscot is called Penobscot? What’s the difference?"

Dan Steinberg and his excellent DC Sports Blog at has the full story. Click HERE to read.

Three: Old time hockey, same old NFL Washington Pigskins racism

Mike Florio of's Pro Football Talk looks at the news that Ojibwa former NHL coaching great Ted Nolan is not a fan of the R-word. Florio notes: "Nolan becomes the most prominent Native American with ties to the sports world to speak out against the name.  His words could influence other Native Americans to abandon their nonchalance regarding the term, causing opposition to become more organized — and to expand." Read the full post by clicking HERE.

Have thoughts on the Redskins name and its use by Dan Snyder's Washington NFL team (and something like 60 high schools across the U.S.). Please share them with ICTMN by commenting below.


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There isn't a name to anything that cannot or hasn't been used or considered derogatory. How many out there haven't heard the word "woman" used in a condescending manner? The question really needs to be "Why make a distinction at all?"