Photography by Paula Beehner (

Photos: Celebrating the Art of the Pow Wow, 'Recognizing Our Indianness'


The 17th Annual Oroville Pow Wow was held May 24-25 in Thermalito, California. This large, popular event on the pow wow trail featured contest dancing, princess coronations and hand drum contests, with many Native American nations represented from all across Turtle Island. The gathering was an opportunity to celebrate, dance, sing and reunite with friends. "It's a recognition of our Indianness," said Lucky Preston, who organized the event and spent eight months preparing.

People traveled from as far away as Germany, the Dakotas and Hawaii to be at the Oroville Pow Wow. Here are some of our favorite photos of the event, all taken by photographer Paula Beehner.

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Beautiful! I hope you can feature Eastern Shoshone Indian Days Pow Wow that is happening this weekend in Ft. Washakie, WY.