(Museum of the American Bison)

The Bison Miracle: New Museum Tells Story of a Genocide Thwarted


Despite efforts by the U.S. government to exterminate the bison as a way to exterminate the Indian, the bison persists, if fragily. Now, a museum devoted to the great animal is open in Rapid City, South Dakota.

The Museum of the American Bison and Great Plains Center is dedicated to telling one of the most captivating stories in our nation’s history – the amazing survival of the American bison. While a sad saga of greed and profiteering that changed the lives and traditions of people over a century ago, the story of the bison today is one of hope and resiliency.

The Museum of the American Bison is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of community members with history and wildlife conservation backgrounds.The museum charges no admission fee.

For more information on the museum, go to BisonMuseum.org.


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Sonny Skyhawk's picture
Sonny Skyhawk
Submitted by Sonny Skyhawk on
I am elated that Rapid City has now chosen to tell the story of our sacred brother known as Tatanka. My hope is that in the process of relating the story, and that in taking the first step, it begin with utilizing that big word called the TRUTH. In telling the back story it should include the reason why the buffalo almost became extinct in the Plains. However they want to frame the truth, it will be important, if they really want to represent the history of the buffalo. They have the duty, if it is truly a museum, to explain to the visitors that the U.S.Government, in order to steal the land from the Indian, and in their efforts to gain control of it, they had to first deprive them of their sustenance, and in order to accomplish that, it had to kill as many indians and buffalo as possible, hence the near annihilation of the buffalo and the attempted genocide of the now known, American Indian. If it is willing to face and explain that historical truth and fact, then it is going to be a factual museum, less than that effort, it will join the many purveyors of trinkets, colored chicken feathered headresses and (made in China) false lore that makes up the majority of tourist traps that exist in and around the city and all the way to Mount Rushmore. I will be monitoring the choice they choose to make, and would be more than willing to write about it from a national or international tourism perspective. Please surprise me with the TRUTH.