FishbowlDC: Jewish WCP Editor Wants to Rename Redskins ‘Kikes’

June 25, 2013

In a post this afternoon, FishbowlDC writer Justin McLachlan reports on a lively Twitter conversation that was provoked by the new Washington Post poll of D.C.-area sports fans on the use of the term Redskins by Dan Snyder's NFL team.

In response to the poll and the ongoing debate over the polarizing nickname, Washington City Paper editor Mike Madden this morning tweeted that he may refer to the team as the "Washington Kikes" this upcoming season. (Kike is an offensive term to Jews; Madden notes that he is Jewish in his tweet, and Snyder is also Jewish.)

In the resulting exchange that followed (something like four dozen tweets, notes McLachlan), Madden had this idea: "We should organize a bunch of columnists to write pieces and refer to the team by slurs against their own ethnicity.” Madden, however, sees a flaw in his plan: “Though unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), Post poll indicates white fans have least problem with name, so… might not do much.”

McLachlan wittily concludes: "Come on, Mike. Like people caring has ever stopped a journalist from writing before."

For more, click here to read McLachlan's FishbowlDC post.

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