WaPo Poll: D.C. Fans Know "Redskins" Logo Offensive, Still Like It

June 25, 2013

A new Washington Post poll of D.C.-area sports fans shows that most (61 percent) like the name of Dan Snyder's NFL Redskins franchise and two-thirds say the name shouldn't be changed. The poll comes as debate increases over the use of the term, considered offensive by many Native Americans, with even Congress involved.

However, among those who want to keep the Redskins name, most — 56 percent — say they feel the word Redskin is an inappropriate term for Native Americans. Only half as many — 28 percent — consider the term as an acceptable one to use.

"This seems to represent a huge movements in favor of name change, since one would logically expect more support for the team and its name among Washingtonians than among the general population," says George Washington University law School public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

In the new Post poll, 28 percent of all Washingtonians say the team should change its name, far above the 11 percent nationally who said so in a recent Associated Press poll.

As the Post notes, "the Redskins name has been subject to much criticism and public debate this offseason, with both local and national leaders urging the team to consider a name change, a request the team has fervently resisted." Snyder recently told USA Today that the team will never change the name. But as the criticism and debate grow and intensify, it's possible that Snyder may actually be looking to make a change. And it's unclear if that would be an unpopular move. According to the Post, "A quarter of all area adults and slightly more than half of self-described Redskins fans say they 'love' the team name, yet both groups overwhelmingly say that in general a new name wouldn’t make much difference to them."

To read the full results of the Post's poll along with their analysis of the results, click here.



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it's time for a change the native americans are the original people of this country.while on this subject what about the Clevland Indians baseball teams logo , it depicts a red faced indian with big lips and a cigar stuck in its mouth.and a feather in a band around the head