Marty Two Bulls, 'Peltier and the Paths Before Him'

Marty Two Bulls

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You know, I sympathize with Mr Peltier, but if you really analyze the whole mess, its about him and him only. Its not about US, as Native Americans. He made a decision, that cost him quite a bit. When you shoot live ammunition in the general direction of living beings, there is a very good chance that you will kill something. The result of that, will be your responsibility to bear, no matter how you wrap it.
Joelle Clark
Joelle Clark
What people often forget is what is done to one can be done to anyone.
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zig zag
First off, the cartoon is stupid. To imply that Peltier will become either a rich "ex-convict" or that his heirs will "make a lot of money" is ridiculous. As for 'anonymous' comment that it's only about Peltier: in fact Peltier's case is part of the history of Indigenous resistance in N. America that involved thousands of Natives along with a corrupt tribal council and a concerted counter-insurgency campaign on the part of the FBI and other police agencies. To say otherwise is to reveal one's ignorance about social movements and struggles. Peltier's two co-defendants were found "not guilty" on the grounds of self-defense because of the lethal violence that was directed against AIM and Lakota traditionalists. Peltier did not engage in resistance for personal gain but because he believed it was his role as a warrior: to defend his people, land, and way of life. Two Bulls' cartoon makes a mockery of the many Natives who died on the Pine Ridge reservation during the early 1970s, as well as the principled actions of Leonard Peltier.
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Convicted of killing two FBI agents… He was convicted by a white jury that was fearful of losing their way of life. If those radical “Red Savages” actually started getting attention to the broken treaties and conditions on the “Rez” life as the whites knew it could get all messed up. Of course they convicted him, they had to. They sure couldn’t let an Indian stand up to G-men even if the Government agents were on Indian land and had no qualms about killing Indians. Maybe Peltier killed the two men maybe not, nobody at least nobody that is talking knows. Should Peltier be released…ABSOLUTELY!


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