Tea Party Officials in Montana Call Natives ‘Non-American’



The Cowgirl Blog on June 25, shed some light on a recent exchange of Tea Party elected officials who were caught on tape in a conversation about how American Indians were “not Americans.”

In the meeting Boone Cole and Jerry Laskody of Montana’s Flathead Joint Board of Control had the conversation as their own organization’s running audio recorder according to Cowgirl Blog.

The post comes five days after the blog drew attention to racist flyers on reservations. The flyers accompany TEA Partiers who as the blog states are in town “stirring up sentiments against tribal sovereignty in hopes of obstructing a water rights agreement that the tribes negotiated with the state of Montana.”

The June 20 post highlights two TEA Party groups responsible for causing the stir, while also mentioning another group as well.

The Cowgirl Blog however, states they aren’t sure if any of the groups are responsible for the racist flyers. In an update, the blog does point out that the third TEA Party group WMWUA is the one that Cole and Laskody represent. 

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