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Funny or Die takes on Snyder

Hail to the Foreskins! A Guide to Creating an Offensive NFL Logo

July 01, 2013

Popular satirical website Funny or Die is here not only to make you laugh, it's here to help. And in taking on the polarizing Washington Pigskins naming controversy, Funny or Die's Stephen Sonneveld has devised a sure-fire, five-step guide to creating an offensive NFL logo so you too can be insulting to an entire race of people, like Dan Snyder's NFL franchise.

In walking you through his surely soon-to-be-patented five-step program, Sonneveld creates the Washington Foreskins as an example of an offensive team logo. "Be evasive, malign a race, defame the sacred, and your offensive NFL team logo will have you drowning in money in no time. Now show some chutzpah and get out there and do it! Geronimo’s skull isn’t going to steal itself," writes Sonneveld, adding, "Go ‘skins!"

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