'Redskins' Mascot Opponents Are 'Busybodies and Tyrants'

July 01, 2013

According to an opinion piece published Sunday by The Oakland Press, Walter E. Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University and occasional guest host of Rush Limbaugh's radio program, thinks those who are in favor of the Washington Redskins dropping their name , which is offensive--racist--to many Native Americans, are "busybodies and tyrants." This "small," "trivial" matter would, inevitably, lead to greater efforts to ban, well, we're not sure. The proper names of military hardware, such as the Apache helicopter, apparently. 

As historical comparisons, Williams likens the effort to change the Pigskins name to those of "tobacco zealots," the establishment of a federal income tax and the National Transporation Safety Board's recent "rope-a-dope" recommendation to states to lower the allowable blood alcohol content of drivers. 

In other words, this is where the debate over "Redskins" went completely off the rails, says Deadspin.com's Sean Newell. "We've finally come to the end of the crazy line in the Washington Redskins name debate. It's going to be hard to top Walter E. Williams writing about 'busybodies and tyrants' for The Oakland Press in a column so nuts you really want it to be satire."

Read Newell's entire story here.

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