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Feeling the 'Cat Scratch Fever'

President Ted Nugent? We Have Nothing to Fear But... uh, Everything!


On news today that rocker Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman, may run for president in 2016, ICTMN asks one question: How would a President Nuge be for Indian country? 

Well, we know he'd protect your Second Amendment rights. 

He's vehemently anti-drugs and alcohol. Or at least he is now.

Ted Talk is straight and in your face, so don't expect any, er, flimflam. Just ask "limey" Piers Morgan.

And as ICTMN reported in April, he's boldy stated his credentials for being an authoritative voice for Indian country (albeit in defense of his supporting the Washington Redskins logo). "Because of my clean and sober, hands-on conservation bowhunting lifestyle and song 'The Great White Buffalo,' Native American tribes have invited me to teach their young people how to reconnect with the land and teach them how to bow hunt the mighty American bison. It was in their midst that I learned firsthand about the terrible problems facing my Indian BloodBrothers."

He's also this guy. Not looking very presidential. But very intense. Edward Snowden would never have gotten away if there was a President Nuge.

Read The Washington Post Magazine article that moves the Nuge into contention for 2016 HERE. And share your thoughts about crazy ol' Uncle Ted with ICTMN by commenting below.


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chahta ohoyo's picture
chahta ohoyo
Submitted by chahta ohoyo on
ted nugent is a nut...the only things he 'knows' about native americans come from his perceptions...

hammertime's picture
Submitted by hammertime on
he is probably a nut, but he is real, and at least he speaks his mind and is not a two faced ploitician.....which is more than you can say for the last few presidents including Obama who certainly has is own agenda........

Dan's picture
Submitted by Dan on
The man is obscene......and he is a true narcissist . I find the way he got out of the draft despicable , and it irritates me greatly he portrays himself as " The Great American Hero " And he brags about shooting 140 hogs from a helicopter in one day in Texas . I have vet friends who hunt hogs in Texas and they would be shocked to know what this man does on a regular basis. And as a Nam Vet myself, I will not forget . He has lied many times to cover his past, and he lies now when he denies it. To those who think he's the greatest things since sliced bread ? Choose your heroes wisely .

greywolf7z's picture
Submitted by greywolf7z on
"Nuge" is a despicable racist. Ted Nugent is not crazy, he is insane. I am shocked to see this obscene person on these pages. Thanks for chiming in Dan, Nugent is to the right of such as Michele Bachman and Ted Tancredo.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
First off let me say that Ted Nugent ISN'T my bloodbrother. Secondly, Ted Nugent teaching NDNs how to hunt buffalo with a bow is like Michael Phelps teaching fish how to swim. I'm sure if he does run, Nugent will get a good number of votes. A good majority of the GOP is comprised of rednecks with guns. To Dan (I'm a disabled Viet-Era veteran too): I didn't know Nugent was a draft dodger. He fits in perfectly with the GOP. They're war hungry and most of them have NEVER served a day in the military. They're willing to send your children and friends off to war, but their families stay at home comfortably making lots of money.

Shannon Hippi-Kat Rey
Shannon Hippi-K...
Submitted by Shannon Hippi-K... on
Please do not be fool by this guy. If you do not think he ISN"T two faced, think again. He is extremely two faced and he is not real, he is just a poaching, nature destroying nut case, self admitted pedophile, draft dodger chickenhawn who likes to say crude things about minorities especially women. I would hope you wouldn't want him to say to your daughter, sister or wife "strap this on for size." You do know that it is true about him shitting his pants to be declared 4F don't you? Do you really think he gives a damn about Native Americans? No he doesn't because he stands for everything Native Americans are not. I speak my mind, but I manage to do it without threatening any one or being crude and insulting. Yea, politicians have agendas and so does this mother fucker. Tell me, is he really one of Native American's "blood brothers?"

WasicuWitko's picture
Submitted by WasicuWitko on
The interview Ted gave about getting out of the draft (crapping his pants was one part of his strategy) was originally published in High Times magazine (1977 - 78?). I saw him play at a fair in Fargo a few years ago. Lots of machine guns (fake 50 calibers) and other military props. In his interview, his reason for dodging the draft was he didn't want to interrupt his music career. I think he felt guilt about not serving when called, so now he's super pro-gun/hunting/military, etc. I have no problem with liking guns, hunting and rock music, but if you brag about beating the draft for your own convenience, perhaps it's time to tone down the military props a bit. Makes you seem like a chickenhawk.