Northern Cree was host drum at the Wildhorse Pow Wow

Fourth of July Weekend Pow Wow Highlights!


There were many pow wows held over the long Fourth of July holiday weekend, all special and fantastic opportunities to celebrate American Indian cultures and traditions. Here are just three of the amazing things that happened at these pow wows. For complete pow wow listings and related stories, go to


92nd Annual Mashpee Wampanoag Pow Wow

"Honoring Keepers of the East"

The pow wow featured a historical performance by the Bermuda Gombeys: As reports, “Among the dozens of dancers in traditional regalia, wheeling and stomping to the pounding drumbeat, a group wearing neon-colored masks and towering peacock feather headdresses stood out.

“These Gombey dancers from Bermuda were in East Falmouth on Saturday to reconnect with the Mashpee Wampanoag, a Cape Cod Native American tribe that the Bermudans consider long-lost family.”



41st Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin Intertribal Pow Wow

More than 500 dancers and singers performed at this wonderful pow wow. Weeya Smith, one of the traditional dancers said "our tribes have been meeting for hundreds of years and dancing and celebrating our culture but it's also nice to have non-Natives come and see what we're about and what we represent."



19th Annual Wildhorse Pow Wow

Host drum was Northern Cree



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WK WhiteWolf
WK WhiteWolf
Submitted by WK WhiteWolf on
I don't get to the Pow Wows often, it was Good to see '' Our Peoples '' it Done '' My Spirits Good ''. Lemlum Sa`luxxts Thank You My Friends'