Veronica with her biological father, Dusten

Baby Veronica Must Return to Adoptive Parents

Suzette Brewer
July 17, 2013

The South Carolina State Supreme Court just hours ago ordered the finalization of the adoption of Veronica Brown to Matt and Melanie Capobianco of James Island. The Court has ordered the case to the Family Court judge in Charleston for finalization.

Ending a bitterly fought contest over custody of the child that led to the U.S. Supreme Court in April over the application of the Indian Child Welfare Act, the Capobiancos will be filing shortly with the family court to finalize the adoption.  Dusten Brown has five days to file for a rehearing in state court or the adoption will become final.

Brown, his wife Robin, and his family, are devastated by the ruling and issued this brief statement through their attorney in South Carolina.

"I want everyone to think of Veronica and her life as it is now," he said. "My wife and I are her whole life.  This is not right."

The Cherokee Nation, who worked with Brown throughout the ordeal, also issued a brief statement.

"We are outraged and saddened that the South Carolina Supreme Court would order the transfer of this child without a hearing to determine what is in her best interests, particularly in light of the fact that this very same court previously found: 'We cannot say that Baby Girl's best interests are not served by the grant of custody to Father, as Appellants have not presented evidence that Baby Girl would not be safe, loved, and cared for if raised by Father and his family,'" a statement from the Tribe reads.

Describing Brown as a "fit and loving parent," the Cherokee Nation said "That should be enough."

According to the Capobiancos' public relations firm, the transfer will most likely take place within the next few weeks.



Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

This is an outrage! It's ain't over yet folks! Tribal lawyers, appeal this till forever & keep this child with her family! This is not going to go well for these child thieves! The curse has begun my friends!

Shamen of our many people, you know what to do now my friends!

Joni Whiting
Joni Whiting
Submitted by Joni Whiting on

This is wrong. I thought Native Children were protected from such as this,. Please tell me that they can appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. This just isn't right to take this child from her people and place her outside of race when she has a perfectly good father and family she belongs to, and what kind of people are these who continue to demand this child. It's sick.

Hui Mei's picture
Hui Mei
Submitted by Hui Mei on

My heart is breaking for you Dusten and for your family and for Veronica. If this must come to pass, I feel secure in telling you that one day your little girl will want to see her Daddy again and she will be back. She may be a young lady, then, but she will never forget you now or the love she has for you. She won't forget. May God bless you all and be with you all.

teresaclark's picture
Submitted by teresaclark on

The court has lost site that they are making decisions about a child without thinking about what is best for her! to them it comes down to who has what rights. Is it best for this little girl to be raise by a couple when she has her birth father at hand. did they not even consider what she will feel for these people when she is grown and learn that they robbed her of her real father and a life that is her birthright to be apart of. This child has been with her father for the last 1-1/2 years it would be devastating to be taken from her fathers arms.

Gray's picture
Submitted by Gray on

They are depriving her of being raised Indian and being Indian. Nothing her adoptive parents possibly can give her is better than being Indian.

Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

This is a classic example of the "Good Ole Boy" system down in South Carolina. That pre-adoptive sorry washichu family are rich folks. That's about ALL that lives on St. James Island.

Nothing but bad karma is headed to these folks lives sooner than they can imagine. They are so wicked! Getting a state supreme court to pull this evil!

Cherokee Nation lawyers, keep the appeals coming & that baby home with her father & paternal family who love her without end! I don't care if it costs millions! Our people are worth every cent & asset we have!

This is NOT right people! Pray to the Great Spirit to intercede in His mysterious & just ways. Pray that nightmares come upon each & every person who has been involved in trying to rip this baby from her family who loves her.

Shamen across Indian Territory, you have your work cut out for you my dear friends..................Now lets ALL get to work for this special family & utilize every skill, gift & talent the Creator has loaned to us!

This is a fight for justice my friends!

builds-the-fire's picture
Submitted by builds-the-fire on

This is just wrong. Period.

If the Capobianco's love Veronica as they claim to, they will act like the parents that they want to be, put themselves in her father's shoes, and leave Veronica BROWN and her family alone.

Now the Capobianco's are just acting like people who made a PURCHASE, and they want their purchased product. The Capobianco's know what's right, and they shouldn't have to be prompted to do it. You can't purchase a child.

When Veronica comes of age (if they go through with this) she will come to understand that they basically KIDNAPPED her from her father--especially when she sees the picture above and remembers how she felt at that particular moment. Where's the love in that?

They love her so much that they don't care if they tramatize her for life. Kids ask questions, and they won't have any good answers other than "we purchased you--like you were farm stock, and then kidnapped you from your loving father who was trying to protect you from us."

Matt and Melanie Capobianco, put your trust in God that He will bless you with a child, and do what's right. Veronica belongs with her biological father who has met you every step of the way in his fight to keep his child. Wouldn't you do the same to keep your child? Do what's right.


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