Filmmaker Jason Asenap in the Al Jazeera English studio with Femi Oke and Malika Bilal

Indians Discuss Johnny Depp on Al Jazeera: That's Globalization!


Actor Chaske Spencer, professor Theodore Van Alst, movie consultant William "Two Raven" Voelker, and filmmaker Jason Asenap (an ICTMN contributor) recently played the talking-head game on a news show. The subject was an obvious one for this cast of characters: Representations of American Indians in Hollywood movies, a hot topic inspired by (all together now) Johnny Depp's portrayal of Tonto in The Lone Ranger.

It's an enlightening discussion, although you may not recognize the studio, or the interviewers -- because the show is The Stream, a program on Al Jazeera English, hosted by Femi Oke and Malika Bilal.

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