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This caricature image of an Indian male in headdress is Mukwonago Area School District's mascot and logo.

Renegade Wisconsin School District Won’t Give Up Racist Nickname

July 25, 2013

In open defiance of a state mandate to abolish their Indian nickname and mascot, a Milwaukee-area school district voted 8-1 Monday to keep the name, according the Associated Press.

The Mukwonago Area School District, whose nickname has been the “Indians” for decades, was recently ordered by the state’s Department of Public Instruction to retire the name because it promotes discrimination.

In 2010, the state legislature passed a bill permitting the state Department of Public Instruction to force schools to drop race-based nicknames, logos and mascots if a complaint is made, according to Milwaukee’s TMJ4.

Yet, as the vote reiterates, the school will not relinquish.

District officials have gone on record stating that they believe state elected officials should not meddle in local district issues. They believe this is a district matter and should not be ordered by the legislature to abolish the district’s nickname.

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