10 Things Native Americans Can Do Better Than You

August 03, 2013


Native Americans are skilled at various things, but here's a list of 10 things Native Americans can do better than most. (No, seriously. We can.)


10. Play lacrosse

 Illustration by George Catlin. Courtesy Wikipedia/Smithsonian Institution

Because we invented it.


9. Snowshoeing

Because, although Europeans had their own form of snowshoes, Native Americans are lauded for inventing the most efficient and diverse.


8. Run on Indian Time

Because “White Man Time will give you stomach cancer.”


7. Letting you know why this is completely and utterly wrong.

Naturally, a Native American will give you a better run down as to why this is fantastically repugnant.


6. Find unique ways to flirt while remaining traditional.

Let’s face it: the potato dance is an art form and a fine way to hit on someone at a pow wow.


5. Host inipis (sweat lodges).

Listen, just don’t do it if you’re not qualified. It can end seriously bad.


4. Deep fry some dough.

It’s not super healthy, but it’s super nostalgic and pretty delicious with honey and powdered sugar.


3. Not act terribly surprised when celebrities claim to be Native American.

It happens a lot. (Brad Pitt claims to be Seminole and Cherokee.)


2. Honor Mother Earth

It’s kind of been our thing from the beginning.


1. Laugh

Because, well, without humor the past 521 years would’ve been a lot harder.

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