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Veronica, 3, with her father Dusten Brown

'Custodial Interference': Dusten Brown Turns Himself In


Dusten Brown turned himself into authorities at a tribal court hearing today in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, according to Cherokee Nation Attorney General Todd Hembree.

A warrant was issued for Brown's arrest on August 5 when he failed to appear in a South Carolina courtroom August 4 for a scheduled four-hour visitation to begin his daughter Veronica's transition to the South Carolina pre-adoptive couple, the Capobiancos. But—known to all parties in the dispute, including Judge Daniel Martin who issued the order—Brown has been in Iowa with his Oklahoma National Guard unit for a mandatory training that had been scheduled since January.

On the evening of Friday, August 9, the Capobiancos pressed criminal charges against Brown in South Carolina for “custodial interference.” The felony warrant carries a five year sentence and fines at the discretion of the court.

For more information about the charges, see: Baby Veronica's Father Accused of 'Custodial Interference' Felony.

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Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
The longer this goes on the dirtier this is becoming. I wonder what we shall see develop with these evil people in South Carolina. What dirt is going to be seeing the light of day? The birth mother sure is coming off as a piece of work. Time to subpoena her other children's birth father & bring him in on this case. I bet she is just full of nasty little secrets that are soon going to come to light! Stayed tuned folks! I can't wait to see all the dirt come to light on this woman & the adoptive family!