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Dusten Brown holds his daughter Veronica, who turns 4 next month.

Oklahoma Governor Caves; Now Ready to Extradite Baby Veronica's Dad

Suzette Brewer

This morning, after a downtown Tulsa press conference in which Matt and Melanie Capobianco made an emotional plea for the return of Veronica Brown to them, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin reversed her position from yesterday and issued a threat to Oklahoma native Dusten Brown in signing an extradition warrant from South Carolina unless Brown "cooperated" with the Capobiancos.

Only yesterday, Fallin issued a statement to the Associated Press saying that she would not extradite Dusten Brown because "he has a right to his day in court."

"What Fallin may not realize, or doesn't care to realize is that Dusten Brown, prior to their latest round of playing the victim, had offered them shared custody every which way from Sunday—and they flat out rejected every single offer," said an insider. "He offered them summers and holidays, they said no. He offered them the school year and he get the summers, they said no. And now here they are on our doorstep whining about cooperation when they have rejected every single offer behind the scenes. They wanted all or nothing, and he's simply not going to do that. So here we are. It's disgusting."

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It is widely acknowledged that during her tenure she has lost a lot of political ground with Oklahoma's Indian tribes, who are collectively one of the largest employers in the state with billions in annual revenues and thousands of jobs. They comprise the second largest tribal population in the country after California.

"Mary Fallin has failed to be a good partner to her tribal constituents and this is just more proof that she is weighing her national aspirations with selling out and armtwisting her own citizens to pander to a foreign jurisdiction," said one tribal leader who asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case. "She's trying to have it both ways, but this is the deal: Is she going to stand up and support the American Indian people of Oklahoma and allow Dusten Brown his day in court, or is she going to be subservient to another state and allow native people to continue to be pawns in a political and judicial system that is not a friend to Indian tribes? Today's action is a politically calculated, 180-degree turn that will not go unnoticed when the next fundraising cycle comes around."

Fallin's office did not respond to requests for comment from Indian Country Today Media Network. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker also issued a statement voicing his continued support for the Brown family and their right to due process.

"The Capobiancos have requested the Cherokee Nation and Dusten Brown to follow the South Carolina court's order, but they forget that Dusten Brown has the same rights to have his arguments heard before our Oklahoma courts and Cherokee Nation Tribal Court," Cherokee Principal Chief Bill John Baker said in a statement issued after the press conference. "We respectfully ask the Capobiancos to allow that due process."

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azpark's picture
Submitted by azpark on
Ms. Brewer This is not a negotiation. The SC courts have issued their decisions in compliance with the SCOTUS. Article 4 of the Constitution requires all states to give full deference to all other states. The CN is playing with fire here. If they want to take this back to the Supreme Court I am sure Justice Roberts would be more than happy to accommodate them. The people at the NCAI Supreme Court Project are probably in need of life support about now.

Robin Emery
Robin Emery
Submitted by Robin Emery on
You can recall Fallin, and take her out office. She should understand Illegal is illegal when it comes to the sale of human flesh. I thought we got beyond that during civil war. You know when the North fought the South? She needs to get a grip on facts of life. She may be a mother, But I don't think she understands what it's like as biological parent to loose a child to people who aren't connected. They are out for the see me aren't I a good person, I'm doing this because I love. No it's a way to make some money through the media, So they can put a book together and have the movie rights to this story. Check it out and find out for your selves

Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
Now isn't that just nice of the Oklahoma governor! Now she's ready to send him to SC! What a turn coat! I see she is going to lose her next election among Indian people! Chief Baker, how about getting this boy to the Cherokee capital? Would he be safe there? I just saw a picture in a newspaper that shows these two child stealers. They are awful! Really trying to look the part of a devastated couple. These people know no shame it seems in trying to drum up sympathy! I wouldn't care what race they were, but they are EVIL! STILL, they will not listen to reason! What is it going to take for these evil fools to wake up? Death or a severe accident for one or both of them? The spirits are so angry I would not want to be either of these two wicked people! Something is going to happen I think, because the Great Spirit is about to turn loose on these child thieves! I wonder why they are suddenly willing to even offer to compromise now? has something been dragged out of their pasts they do NOT want the world to know about? What do the rest of you folks here today think? These evil ones need to remember that their sins WILL find them out as their Christian bible speaks of; sooner, rather than later! Stay tuned my friends.................

nitrat's picture
Submitted by nitrat on
I am a former child welfare worker & supervisor in South Carolina. I am so upset by the railroading of Dusten Brown, particularly since the case was returned from the US supreme court. That the SC supreme court ordered the SC circuit family court to terminate his parental rights concurrent with approving adoption by the Boeing couple is PROOF that there is no evidence that Brown's parental rights had been terminated by himself or any court any where. This is so different from how TPRs are handled when SCDSS has custody of a child and Dusten Brown is just as entitled to a REAL TPR hearing as anyone who loses a child due to abuse or neglect. The SC supreme court has denied that. In my opinion, Brown's attorney made a mistake in not fighting this case on the basis of the lack of legal TPR. There was a case in the mid-west in the 90s that is very similar in many aspects - except the applicability of ICWA - to this case. The child was returned to the bio father in that case and the precedent was established that the child of a parent who has not been legally TPRed cannot be adopted. This child needs to be with the biological parent who wants her, not the Boeing baby buyers. BTW, there is widespread disregard of ICPC. I am aware of Texas willy nilly sending children to SC to be adopted and SCDSS never knowing about it until they get reports of the child being abused/neglected by the adoptive placement. Private adoption COMPANIES are bad for children.

nokomis's picture
Submitted by nokomis on
This is one-sided journalism and not all Native Americans support this case because the Cherokee Nation is putting tribes in jeopardy. This unfortunate situation is about being accountable and having responsibility for your actions. The biological father lacks cultural insight because if he did, this case would have been settled a long time ago. I doubt that Mary Fallin has to worry about being re-elected because Native Americans are currently the second largest minority group in the state. "We respectfully ask ICTMN" to report news based on neutrality and not one-sided journalism!"

Mourning Dove's picture
Mourning Dove
Submitted by Mourning Dove on
South Carolina is a Baby Mamas State. In SC a mother has TOTAL rights of her child and does not have to put a fathers name on a birth certificate. If she does and is not married to the father, the father still has no rights unless he gets a lawyer. This state buys and sells children to the wealthy because of money which is paid to unwed mothers during and after pregnancy. The state then terminates the fathers rights for what ever reason the lawyers representing propective parents pays them to do (the more you have the more leverage you can buy, even children). This is a Good ole' boy run southern state. SC Family Court granted Dusten Brown custody (after a lengthy battle). The higher court doesn't want to deal with this on a federal basis and sends it back to SC Court system which then over turns the initial custody rights back to the Capos. Baby Girl needs her biological dad and the Capos need to move on and "Adopt" another child. And as for the taking of yet another Absentee Shawnee Native American Child from Oklahoma to SC to be "Adopted" out by the same Law? firm representing the Capos is abhorrent and the Ethics Committee of SC needs to look into the practices of illicit, paid for adoptions. Creator bless this child and her biological family.

nokomis's picture
Submitted by nokomis on
Shame on you ICTMN for censoring the comments of your readers. I have posted my analytical comments in regards to my opinion to this court case, however, you have failed to post my comments that differ from the one-sided journalism of Brewer. I stopped watching corporate media because of the same censoring and disappointed that ICTMN is following in their footsteps.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
I don't under-stand WHY indian tribes and/nations insist on "FOLLOWING" US/Federal requirements and laws. Every 'special' and 'illegitimate' (illegal alien, alternative, foreign, race, etc.) does not follow the law and politically forces their cause in PUBLIC forums (TV, newspapers, etc.) If it bleeds it leads! Why can't the Cherokee Nation or even "cherokee" supporters publicly plea the White House for intervention? If the White House can take time out and comment on American events (allege racial profiling, advocate alternative lifestyle, promote muslim/lslam causes, comment on court-jury decision counter to racial profiling, etc.) -then certainly this White House be given opportunity to publicly comment on "baby veronica".

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Some suggestions that most Indian Governments or Indian Nations can take in promoting the ICWA cause considering how adament "supporters" are becoming vocal: a. Have the Crow Indian Nation contact their 'adopted' Crow member - Barack Obama for tele-video conference. Have Crow Indian Tribal Representatives act as a mediator between Cherokee Nation and the White House to have White House intervene for the sake of ALL INDIAN NATIONS and their children. Invite or report to MSNBC - The unofficial WHite House network - the tele-video conference on the State of Indian (Native American, First Nations, Indigenous) Children Welfare in the USA. The Indian Nations (Cherokee and Crow and White House) can sit down and break Indian Fry Bread together. P b. Invite hollywood celebrities to all All Nations Powwow (Johnny Depp, Oprah, etc.) and have each of them Co-HEAD (Symbolically) for 6 days and on 7 day every one can REST. have the powwow on Washington Mall. c. have East Coast (rich Indian Tribes) and West Coast (poor Indian Tribes) have a 3-day powwow. GIve the Congress of American Indians a PURPOSE by serving as intermediaries for BRINGING all tribes and nations together. d. have powwow and have consensus among Indian Nations that Indian Gaming donations will NOT be given to Democratic Party (Republican Party) for Election 2016 UNLESS either Party hears and heeds obligations to Indian Nations and "PROMISES" beginning in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and into 2014, 2015. If federal dollars can quickly be found for foreign interests and close to $1 billion found to put US Federal works back to work - then $1 BILLION can made to Indian Tribes. d. Pay Michael Jackson Children (Paris, Prince, Jr.) to appear on behalf of Indian Child Welfare and give public appeal request.

Opechan's picture
Submitted by Opechan on
That's some pretty disgusting racism on display there, tmsyr11. I'm surprised you are still allowed to post here.

SariahMazur's picture
Submitted by SariahMazur on
The "insider" quoted is none other than Ms. Shannon Jones, if I had to guess (she has been quoted widely in SC press making these same statements). She is Mr. Brown's SC lawyer who apparently does not understand the law -- and the obligation to keep settlement negotiations confidential in child custody cases. Anyway, why would the legal parents of this child agree to "shared custody" having fought for 18 months for the right to raise their adopted child? So they can be at the mercy of Brown and the Cherokee Nation at every school enrollment decision, medical decision, religious decision, etc? The fact is that Brown was not interested in Veronica having *any* contact with her legal parents ever again until they won in court. and then he flouted court orders and got himself arrested for kidnapping. How is that person to be trusted with a "joint custody" arrangement? How would they know she was ever coming home if they allowed him to have shared parental rights? No one in their right mind would negotiate with a terrorist. One who refuses to abide by the law is just that.

SariahMazur's picture
Submitted by SariahMazur on
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this piece is the quote from Chief Bill Baker. On what planet does a person get a "do over" in another court after they have lost? Chief Baker, I think you missed your civics class. Dusten Brown does not want the "same rights" as everyone else. He wants special rights, and he has the full support of Cherokee Nation in that endeavor. It is a disgrace to the justice system of this country.