Should Indian Nations Recruit Foreign Doctors and Medical Tourists?

August 14, 2013

Slate writer Justin Matis has proposed the Indian health system open to medical tourists, much like Americans fly to Belgium for a $4,000 hip replacement that would cost $39,000 in the states.

Foreign doctors are not allowed to operate on U.S. soil without extensive recertification, he explains, but other countries more readily transfer their qualifications.

Matis proposes that some of these foreign doctors “set up shop in our nearest semi-autonomous states: Native American reservations, some of which already administer their own health care programs.”

Matis, a New York City resident, points to the Mohegan tribe, located merely 128 miles from Manhattan, as an example.

If more affordable health care was available on Indian lands to the average or poorer uninsured American, no changes would need to be made to existing federal or state law.

Read his full argument for tribes saving the American health crisis here.