11 Adorable Children Wearing Award-Winning Native American Clothing


The Native American Clothing Contest (NACC) is always one of the highlights of Santa Fe Indian Market. Occuring on the Sunday of the weekend (August 18 in 2013), it's a pageant of finery and style that is unrivaled in Indian country. According to Indian Market's organizers, the NACC is the most-photographed event of the weekend. Models of all ages strut their stuff bedecked in feathers, fringes, beads and turquoise -- and no one is ever surprised when the youngsters steal the show. In 2012, the celebrity judges included Twilight actor Chaske Spencer and Indian Market's best-of-show champ Jamie Okuma; the previous year, designer Tom Ford cast a watchful eye. Here are some pictures of photogenic little ones from the 2012 NACC.

Naomi Bebo and Persephone Maybee at Native American Clothing Contest. Photo ©2012 SWAIA/Tailinh Agoyo

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