Six Grandfathers before it was desecrated.

Mount Rushmore Before it Was Desecrated and Other Captivating Images


While browsing the Internet, especially Facebook, it’s amazing the things you’ll see. A lot of story ideas actually come through Facebook. But they can be buried like treasure.

Like this one, found at a site called FB-T or Facebook Troublemakers. They recently did a post titled “Captivating Images Throughout History.” The story featured 18 images. And we thought, History! All right, let’s have a look.

As we scrolled through the images, a couple caught our eye. An image of Mount Rushmore, or Six Grandfathers, as the Sioux call it, before the faces of the four “Founding Fathers” were carved into it. Staring at the image was moving.

All of the images tell a story. But one of the others that stood out was an image from 1851. It shows one of the earliest photos of San Francisco after the Gold Rush began. The image is full of houses and boats. We can only imagine how pristine and clear that view was before the Gold Rush and the settlers came.

What about the image from Nepal in 1950? How does that one make you feel?

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Allie Tibbetts
Allie Tibbetts
Submitted by Allie Tibbetts on
Who would look at this & think it would look better with some shitty ol' dudes' faces carved on it? Smh.