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Check out the claws on this massive grizzly bear.

Grizzly Bears Charge, Bite and Claw Four at Yellowstone


A couple hikers and two Bureau of Land Management contract workers have sustained injuries from recent attacks by grizzly bears in and near Yellowstone National Park.

On Thursday, two hikers crossed paths with a young grizzly, and the sow grizzly attacked, said National Park Service spokesman Al Nash. One hiker suffered bite and claw marks, which were treated in the hostpital, and the other man's injuries were cared for at the scene.

"This bear by all accounts was acting on instinct, defending its cub. That is natural and normal behavior for a sow grizzly," Nash said.

The same day some 70 miles away near Island Park, Idaho, a grizzly bear bit two BLM contract workers. One required stitches to close the wounds on his thigh and rear; the other man suffered minor bite wounds on his hand.

"They were about 40 feet out, and a bear under a tree just came up at them. It hit the first fellow, bit him in the thigh and backside," an Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman, Gregg Losinski, told the "The second person got out his bear spray. When the bear hit him, it bit his hand."

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