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The split face Washington Redskins T-shirt was discovered by Washington D.C. Sports Bog reader Ryan Kelly.

This RG3 Redskins T-shirt Should Really Tick You Off

August 21, 2013

A t-shirt with half the face of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III – or “RGIII” – fused with half the face of the Washington Redskins Indian mascot is causing a stir across the Web.

The graphically designed t-shirt is reportedly not a licensed piece of the team’s merchandise, according to The Website reports that the shirt is a knockoff sold on the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk.

“It is horrifying and unnecessary and just plain wrong,” wrote Barry Petchesky of

Twitter user and Washington D.C. Sports Bog reader Ryan Kelly originally discovered the t-shirt, Petchesky reports.

This isn’t the first time this year professional sports merch has caused a controversy in and out of Indian Country.

In February, the Atlanta Braves were compelled to pull their “Screaming Savage” spring training baseball cap from their merch lineup after opponents promulgated that the hat was insensitive and racist.

The “Screaming Savage” logo was a resurrection of the team’s uniform following its 1989 season, according to USA Today. Protest over the caricature and moniker allegedly prompted the team to discontinue the logo and name at that time.



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It's cost effective for sports racists to feature TWO enslaved cultures on one T-shirt.

The equivalent would be combining a Jew with an illegal immigrant on a T-shirt for Neo-Nazis.